Magazzù M16 : “laid the keel” for the queen of Maxi Ribs

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Magazzù M16: here is the shipyard’s new flagship, exclusively and in world preview, only for THE INTERNATIONAL YACHTING MEDIA.

The news of the birth of a new Cantieri Magazzù flagship had been in the air for a while, despite the typical reserve that characterizes the historic Sicilian shipyard. News that, as is always the case with this brand, so attentive to the privacy of the many celebrities who choose it each year, had been kept really hidden. Just like the renderings of this amazing boat that, however, today, are unveiled exclusively and in a world preview for the readers of THE INTERNATIONAL YACHTING MEDIA.


These renderings come to glaze the eyes of our readers but, again confirming the seriousness of the shipyard, are unveiled only while the brand-new Magazzù M16 is already under construction. In fact, the molds have arrived at the shipyard, the gelcoat has already been laid and the laying of the fiberglass has begun.

Magazzù, on the other hand, is a boatyard that needs no introduction; the inventor of modern maxi-ribs, it represents the excellence of high-end production in this market segment, which, moreover, is growing very fast. The project of Cantieri Magazzù is both ambitious and brilliant: the new 16-meter-long boat is, in fact, the synthesis of maxi-rib functionality and the qualities of a large yacht.

Renato Magazzù
Renato Magazzù, naval engineer of the new M16

Conceived as the natural continuation of the MX range, this maxi-rib differs from all others: on the one hand, it is a boat that perfectly synthesizes the charm and exclusivity that only this shipyard is able to convey, and on the other hand, it undoubtedly represents the latest evolutionary stage of this refined type of boat.

“Given the generous size of the maxi-rib, we decided to develop a walkaround design, continuous from stern to bow and unencumbered. This solution allows for free movement on board, while also being able to take advantage of the entirety of the outdoor spaces,” – says Claudio Magazzù. “This decision was dictated by the fact that when increasing in weight, displacement, and of course size, some features of these Maxi Ribs must necessarily be abandoned, in favor of new features more typical of boats, which are thus able to offer the owner the best possible solution.”

Claudio Magazzù
Claudio Magazzù

But the innovations do not stop there. In fact, the engine option chosen for the new Magazzù M16 consists of two powerful Volvo Penta IPS 800s that will simultaneously manage to ensure excellent performance but, given the size of the boat, also great handling.

The design, born as always from the pencil of Claudio Magazzù, is the focal point of this maxi-rib that, also in this respect, has just been born and already represents the icon of this type of boat.

Sinuous, sporty and, above all, damnably elegant lines trace the contours of a boat that amazes with its ability to make new visual perspectives light and intriguing. A clear example of this are the glazed cutouts, which, while interrupting the rigid tubular, giving it an unprecedented sophistication, also contribute to flooding the interior with natural light.


This elegance is also found in the side design of the Hard Top, which, despite being enormous in size and accommodating as many as four front-facing seats, almost disappears when viewed from the side.

A large sunbathing area, which can accommodate 3 or 4 people, dominates the stern and determines the boundary of the large dinette area, equipped with opposing sofas and a central table. A wide hallway divides this area from the bar zone complete with galley, sink, refrigerator and grill. This entire area is shaded thanks to the action of an electric awning that, hidden in the Hard Top, ensures excellent comfort.


At the bow, given the size of this Magazzù M16, a real Portuguese deck has been created which, exactly as in large superyachts, is capable of accommodating both a second sundeck and a living area with opposing sofas, both of which can be shaded with canvas and carbon poles.

On the interior there is still complete secrecy; we only know that this version will have a living area and two large, luxurious cabins, each with en suite bathrooms, but since the yard basically builds in custom mode, it is reasonable to expect that the interiors will be revealed only at the last.

The new Magazzù M16 is expected to be launched in the fall of this year, and I am already looking forward to seeing it….

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