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Magazzù presents a film-style video with a definitively Mediterranean touch, in which the beauty of its Maxi-Rib range is unveiled through images.

Magazzù launches a corporate video which, through exhaustive footage of its Maxi-Rib range, provides a compelling overview of what and how much this Palermo-based shipyard, a leading player in the international nautical sector for more than 60 years, still has to say. A highly professional video that denotes the cinematic value of the short film throughout. Not surprisingly, the opening slogan says: “Handcrafted Italian Dreams”, unequivocally outlining the exclusivity of Italian craftsmanship.

Exclusivity is the basis of the dreamlike and wonderful sensation expressed by the slogan. A claim that only a prestigious Made in Italy brand like Magazzù can afford to highlight with an initial black and white.

An art video by BLive Communication

The video, made by BLive Communication, positively impresses the viewer with all the force of compelling images combined with the power of colours. The soundtrack is entrusted by the famous Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana, of which the ouverture La Siciliana is used. A true musical cult, therefore, with further emphasis on the creativity of Italian art, which is a common factor in all Magazzù creations.

Magazzù video

Magazzù’s Made in Italy

Magazzù therefore becomes a Made in Italy bearer, naturally transferring the message of Italian manufacturing quality into the nautical world. The short film tells the story of more than half a century of high-class shipbuilding, partly through the use of images that sometimes veer into elegant, artistic black and white, used precisely to emphasize the historical memory of this noble Sicilian brand.

However, the video does not hesitate to change pace and reintroduce colour, reaffirming the modernity and glamour that the brand represents today for its refined admirers, who include many international jet-setters.

Magazzù phenomenology in frame

The setting of the short film features special settings that tell the visual story of the sea, which is immediately perceptible in the opening frames. As contour, the director’s lens photographs the sensual movements of the model who, by touching them in turn, reveals to the spectator the elegance of the boat shapes and the quality of the materials. The precious geometries conceived exclusively for the sea, signed by Magazzù, are filmed with great dynamism and describe the beauty of the remarkable Maxi-Ribs proposed in the video.


Sea scenes filmed with auteur wisdom

The natural landscapes of the Magazzù’s video are also spectacular. The Maxi-Ribs glide over the water with linearity, but not without sporting verve, and they do so right next to the northern Sicilian coast. This choice is also useful to highlight how the Sicilian territory and coastal waters act as inspirational muses for the exclusive concept of the exceptional craftsmanship of this brand’s boats.

The camera lens moves from the sea looking punctually at the details of these nautical jewels. Then, in the filmed images: the model’s dives of freedom into the sea, surfacing to find her breath aboard boats that make you forget everything in exchange for the desire for true nautical purity. In short, a video that moves the spectator’s senses entirely into the blue sea of the Mediterranean, in search of a lifestyle that is totally nourished by the art of travelling at sea.

Confirming a Made in Italy style that speaks of elegance, class and interiors with highly detailed decor, the video leaves nothing to be desired and does so by revealing the manufacturing expertise of the Magazzù boatyard. The lines of the boats are as up-to-date as ever, both in terms of the historic MX range and the brand-new Targa 45, a jewel of the sea that opens the lineage of the new Targa collection.

Advertising with an artistic touch

As mentioned above, the video was skilfully produced by Blive Communication, to which the three Magazzù brothers has already turned recently for the production of a very particular photo book. The “Magazzù Photo Collection 2021” consists of limited-edition auteur shots, reserved for the boatyard’s owners only. All this confirms the exceptional nature of Magazzù’s communication model which, as in the short film accompanied by the notes of Cavalleria Rusticana, sees the Sicilian boatyard take flight, standing out against the background of its competitors’ traditional advertising.

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