magazzù photo collection 2021
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Magazzù Photo Collection 2021 is an exclusive, limited edition photographic work which celebrates the beauty of the Maxi Ribs of the famous Italian shipyard

From the MX-14 Classic to the MX-13 Gran Coupé, passing through magazzù photo collection 2021 cover the MX-12 Grand Sport and the MX-13 Coupé: all the beauty of the Maxi Ribs by Magazzù is broadcast in images. And what images.

Auteur shots enclosed in a photographic book, entitled Magazzù Photo Collection 2021, which celebrates the charm, style and uniqueness of the models forged by the well-known Italian shipyard, a modern icon of the luxury lifestyle.

A limited edition iconographic work which will be given as an exclusive gift to the owners who purchase one of the magnificent Magazzù boats.

Every single copy, which will be rigorously numbered and signed, is a tribute symbolising the privilege of standing out at the helm of these true works of art, praised in this photographic sequence where beauty is the master.

magazzù photo collection 2021 introduction Beautiful models, in fact, accompany every shot, in a combination of class and seduction, feminine fascination and that appeal that only Magazzù Ribs are able to convey, jealously and proudly preserving the Made in Italy soul that makes them unmistakable.

Telling the elegance of our boats through glossy images means illustrating the style that distinguishes our brand” – says Renato Magazzù – This iconographic book not only highlights the beauty of the architectural lines of the Magazzù Maxi Ribs but also explains the philosophy with which we build them with care and dedication, following the standards of luxury and well-being that satisfy those who climb on board them”.

Magazzù MX-12 Gran Sport

This photographic work, through refined black-and-white images that harmoniously contrast MX-13 Gran Coupé the bright colours of the various details in the foreground, best expresses the concept of ‘dolce vita’ according to our point of view – explains Claudio Magazzù – A ‘dolce vita’ that does not look back to the past and to the Sixities, but that is projected into the present, a ‘ 22th-century dolce vita’ based on a current, modern, precious and refined boat lifestyle“.

Magazzù Photo Collection 2021 is a top-level artistic product and, as such, we have chosen to create it exclusively and specifically for those who want to own one of our yachts – emphasizes Tina Magazzù – It is a prestigious recognition for those who choose us and therefore appreciate us as a shipyard. It is a precious gift that we are please to give to those owners who fully recognize themselves in the Magazzù spirit”.

mx-14 Classic

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