Targa 45
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A year and a half after the launch of the first Targa 45, Magazzù announces a new range based on a thorough restyling of its Maxi-Rib, offering an even more elegant, sporty and versatile look. The Palermo-based boatyard continues to look overseas with an automotive-inspired yacht, distinguished by a large U-shaped outdoor lounge, well sheltered from the steering console, designed above all for more convivial uses, but without neglecting performance, the main strength of this Maxi-Rib.

The restyling mainly concerned the bow and deckhouse, in which all the openings are now integrated, to create an even more comfortable and functional craft,” explains designer Claudio Magazzù. “The main features that have already made the Targa 45 so popular are still the same: this is in fact just an aesthetic restyling and linked to improving the usability of the boat. We have placed the access door to the cabin in correspondence with the driver’s seat, so as to ensure greater comfort when mooring and docking.

Magazzù targa 45

The interior remains the same as the previous version, characterized by abundant living space and refined furnishings, including a cozy dinette with a large cooktop, a convertible corner sofa on the starboard side and a cabin equipped with a king-size bed and particularly bright thanks to the two overhead hatches.

Magazzu-MX-13-Gran-Coupe-dinette The large windows in the console offer a panoramic view of the sea, another great added value of the Targa 45, as does the comfortable lounge located on the aft side, ideal for lunches and dinners. “It is, in short, a Maxi-Rib designed for a typically American yachting concept,” continues Mr. Magazzù, “and this is precisely why we created an enclosed and sheltered area that would allow the boat to be used in a seasonally adjusted manner. At the same time, however, the large aft window that can be fully opened, as well as the hard-top canopy, make this area fully enjoyable even for the more summery and typical Mediterranean use, i.e. for sunbathing and swimming excursions“. If we add to this the huge sundeck located on the foredeck, it is easy to imagine how the versatile Targa 45 will win many customers in Europe as well as in the US and Australian markets.

The new Targa 45 is already under construction and the first model has already been sold in Australia. The boat is available with two 600HP outboard engines or three 400HP engines, which ensure the extraordinary performance we have already described in our sea trial.

What’s more, Magazzù is developing the entire range, which will also include the Targa 50 and Targa 55 models, currently in the design phase. Of the latter, as an absolute and exclusive preview, we unveil today this amazing rendering which, as you will see, enhances the shapes and functions of the Targa series with a rigid tubular and walk-around deck.

A great boat, luxurious and sporty, which does not forget that it is a Magazzù: suffice to look at the elegance of these lines to realize that.


For more information:: www.magazzu.com.

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