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We like the project of Nicola Pirani, from Ferrara, who, after sailing on different boats for many years, has decided to create a boat himself. He has chosen small sizes to allow an easy construction (even in a medium garage), short production times and low costs. Design is by Paolo Bua, who has designed many racing boats, such as Share 640, the winner of the last four editions of Barcolana. The result is MaYo’ 637, a fast and cheap boat, easy to built.

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The prototype of MaYo’ has been made by Nicola Pirani in a very short time, from April to June of last year, and the project is rather successful. In fact, some kits have already been sold. The boat is made up of marine laser-cut plywood covered by epoxy resin and carbon reinforcing elements: the choice of wood implicates a hull with “remarkable” corners, which ensures a great stability  even when the boat is swerved. It is a sporting boat, ideal for windy days, but it has also two berths below deck for longer explorations.

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The construction of MaYo’ takes about 400 hours. You can build it in a space of about 40 square metres, equipped with regular hobbyist-sailor supplies and with a resin- compatible level of temperature and humidity. The mast can be fixed by only two people and a ramp is sufficient for the launch (you don’t need a crane). Thanks to its removable bayonet and lift keel, the boat can be finally transported on a carriage.

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The price of MaYo’ (without considering the construction work) is about 10,000 Euros (VAT excluded), and it includes:

  • 1,200 Euros for license and plans with instructions or 5,000 Euros for the entire hull kit ( including already-cut plywood)
  • 2,800 Euros for rudder, keel and complete metalware
  • 2,000 Euros for fiberglass and additives.

You can also ask for a mast and rigging, or even a complete boat. But what would be the fun?

Technical file

Overall length: 6,37 m
Max width: 2,50 m
Weight: 400 kg
Draught: 0,35 – 1,75 m
Lead ballast/Kg. 126
Mainsale: 20 sq.m.
Jib: 9,2 sq.m.
Gennaker: 50 sq.m.

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