MC² Seacentric System

MC² Seacentric System: Quick revolutionizes stabilization systems

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MC² Seacentric System by Quick Spa, the all-new complete stabilization system presented at METS TRADE in Amsterdam.

Among the many novelties on display at this year’s METS TRADE, one above all represents a true technological revolution: we are talking about the brand-new stabilization system that Quick Spa, the undisputed international leader in marine accessories, unveiled for the first time.
It is called
MC² Seacentric System and it breaks the paradigms of the stabilization devices of the past by creating an entirely new one, based on three components and a revolutionary software system capable of maximizing the strengths of the individual components to further amplify the overall result.
In addition to the well-known Quick Gyro, there are now the Viator fins and Intercepta attitude correctors, two products that can also be used individually.
The three systems together form the most technologically advanced system on the market. Let’s discover them in detail.

MC² Seacentric System: Viator fins

MC²-Seacentric-System-viator-fins All carbon made, Viator stabilizing fins stand out for their innovative and compact design, the result of careful project planning based on fluid-dynamic simulations. Viator is powered by high-efficiency synchronous motors that are not only very quiet, but also extremely small in size. This allows the system to be installed in locations previously unthinkable.

The fin and motor system features another important innovation: the assembly of these two components is shaftless, which means that in the event of an impact, safety is considerably higher than with systems currently in use.

Complementing this remarkable system is the control unit, which relentlessly analyses and predicts the boat’s dynamics, modifying the stabilization algorithms and adapting them perfectly to the various situations.

A very interesting system, therefore, which, for the same size of fin, is not only capable of stabilising boats that are decidedly larger than those of the products on the market today, but also of reducing the speed of the boat as little as possible and therefore reducing consumption.

Viator fins have been developed in five models, all produced in-house, capable of stabilizing boats from 50 to 145 feet in length.

MC² Seacentric System: Intercepta trim correctors

The Intercepta trim corrector MC²-Seacentric-System-intercepta is a completely plug-and-play system that, thanks to its central unit and proprietary system, reads and predicts the boat’s dynamics, coordinating the movements of the correctors actively and continuously to offer the best possible stabilization even when sea and navigation conditions change.

Capable of effectively dampening both roll and pitch, the Intercepta are powered by a fully integrated 12-24 V actuator that also allows for simplified mounting on the vast majority of transoms.

The system not only optimizes the boat’s trim when underway, but also improves its overall performance in terms of turning, fuel consumption and dynamics. Five models are available, designed for boats from 20 to 130 feet, for single and multiple installations, up to six units.

Quick Gyro and overall integration

Quick Spa boat stabilization The well-known Quick Gyro, the gyroscopic stabilizer with horizontal axis and natural dissipation that is conquering the world thanks to its extraordinary performance, needs no introduction.

It is a well-established and reliable product that, together with the Viator fins, the Intercepta trim stabilizers and the exclusive proprietary software that coordinates the whole, is able to offer static (at anchor) and dynamic (while underway) stabilization that is more effective than that offered by alternative systems on the market.  This is made possible by a ‘central intelligence’ that harnesses the dynamic responses of the three individual systems, exploiting their respective strengths.

There is also a clear advantage offered by a single central system that, compared to individual systems that do not communicate with each other, maximises the torque used by each individual device, allowing the installation of smaller (and therefore also cheaper) systems that can offer great results in terms of overall stabilization.

For the first time in the history of international boating, the same company has engineered and produced stabilizer, fins and trim correctors that perform best on their own and that, when installed together on the same boat, make the most of the different dynamic responses of the systems for unprecedented stabilization. – says Michele Marzucco CEO of Quick SpaWe have a very ambitious goal: to become the benchmark not only in the field of stabilization but also in technologically advanced systems, with high added value and an important software component.”

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