Merry Christmas
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Christmas has come. For many, this holiday revokes memories of show and mountains. But, even if Santa Claus and his reindeer will leave from the North Pole, they will inevitably cross the sea. In the harbours, they will find it a little difficult to deliver gifts because, instead of fireplaces, they will find some trees at most.

But, even if more distant from these cold holidays, sea people, too, are not alien to the Christmas spirit. On the boat, too, panettone is sweet and not salty!

The whole staff of Boatandboats takes the opportunity to wish you happy holidays!

To do that, we’ve selected some evocative funny videos where Christmas is celebrated near the element we love the most, that is the water.

For example, in California, people celebrate Christmas with a big parade where traditional Christmas carts are decorated boats. Yes, you got that right, motoryachts, sailboats and any type of floating vessels are decorated with lights and festoons and parade in front off a crowd of spectators. The event is a real festival called Christmas Boat Parade and is also a contest where the most beautiful and voted boats gain a prize. It’s a highly popular event where boat owners spend thousands of dollars to show off and gain a special mention. The event has been taking place for over 100 years.

In the hot Florida, instead, Christmas is celebrated on the beach. Last year, for example, a group of Santas and elves gathered on the beach to surf together. They did that for a charity event in full Christmas spirit. They were many and both the sea and the beach turned red. Who know if this, year, too, they will replicate the funny initiative.

The most important thing this year is not to deliver gifts to South Africa by sea since they might be lost. Seriously, the unlucky Santa Claus of the video below is a volunteer of the South African maritime rescue team (NSRI) who was delivering gifts to a group of children on the beach. We forgive him for his fall and we say him good luck for his activities that we all very much cherish.

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