Moody 54 DS

Moody 54 DS : the restyling of a particular sailboat

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The restyling of the Moody 54 DS

The Moody 54 DS, the restyling of which is what we’re about to find out, is a boat that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. The hull is designed by one among the most famous studios in the sector of performing boats (Judel/Vrolijk); yet, when observed more closely, she shows characteristics and volumes that are typical of a comfortable motor-powered yacht.

Filippo Matronola NautigammaIt is therefore on the success of the compromise between great comfort and good sailing performances that Moody has made its challenge in designing this model.

A challenge that we verified with a thorough sea trial that led us to visit the new version of the Moody 54 DS and admire her recent restyling. At boot Dusseldorf we therefore met and interviewed Filippo Matronola of Nautigamma, the Italian importer of the brand, who showed us the boat in detail.

Filippo, what’s the most striking characteristic of the Moody 54 DS, that one that, in your opinion, makes her so unique and appreciated by her customers?

The exterior Moody 54 DS, dinettecockpit and the deck house of the Moody 54 DS are on the same level, which guarantees an excellent 360-degree view even when seating in the dinette. Moreover, this characteristic makes it possible to focus on navigation staying indoor and intervene on the route and the engine thrust thanks to a autopilot controls repeater and an engine control lever installed on the chart table”.

While Filippo explains, I try to take a seat in the dinette and I notice that exterior view is perfect in all directions and, above all, when I seat at the chart table, I realize that I can fully envoy navigation from here while remaining indoor and safe. Even outside, behind the rudder wheels, I am sheltered by the structure of the deck house while glass windows offer a more than satisfactory view.

Moody 54 DS, chart tableThen, I wonder who is the typical boat owner that chooses this particular boat and, without hesitation, I ask Filippo.

In Italy, I’ve recently sold 4 units of this model and, surprisingly, customers were all young. This because the comfort and spaces that the Moody 54 DS is able to offer can satisfy the whole family, notoriously not inclined to live long uncomfortable experiences at sea”.

But even more representativeMoody 54 DS, gennaker of the concept is what he tells me about his last customer:

The boat owner is a young sporty man and, in fact, he owned a boat that was almost completely devoted to performance. However, he couldn’t enjoy the sea with his family since they complained the total absence of comfort on board and therefore didn’t participate to outings.

Choosing the Moody 54 DS, he finally satisfied everyone. He didn’t want to sacrifice his passion for sailing and, now, his family follows him happily and feels comfortable during navigation”.

The restyling of the Moody 54 DS

We continue our visit below deck because we want to find out more about the restyling of the Moody 54 DS. Observing interiors, we notice that wood and fabrics are different from those of the boat we had tested. We realize that customization options have multiplied and the catalogue of materials you can choose to “dress” the Moody 54 DS has become almost endless.

Moody 54 DS, master cabinMoody 54 DS, finishes

The quality of finishes, too, has improved. For example, when we get the cabins, we notice that doors have new hardware and sturdy hinges. We test them and we immediately realize that they are as sturdy as refined. All these apparently banal details make the difference both in terms of comfort on board and boat life.

We have just enough time for a last question. How much does this boat cost?

The price of the Moody 54 DS, in her full optional version, is EUR 850,000, taxes excluded”.

A really appealing price if we consider that it is referred to a boat that has all you need.

Moody 54 DS – Technical Specs

LOA 17.10 m
Max beam 5.20 m
Displacement 24,500 kg
Ballast 7 t
Draft 2.65/2.25 m
Fuel Tank Capacity
520 l
Mainsail 81.50 m2
Jinìb 65 m2
Genoa 79 m2
Fresh Water Tank Capacity
810 l
Engines Volvo 150 hp
CE Category
Design  Dixon YD

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