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Naumatec is a company specializedNaumatec luxury tender in luxury tenders planning and production.

We already saw some models in Florida some months ago: fast and elegantly-designed boats with innovative lines. Powered by jet engines and offering high customization levels, they represent a good alternative to the popular Williams boats, compared to which they are better refined and even more beautiful.

Naumatec is generally considered as a pioneer of electric propulsion. Its E-Tender 390 has indeed been very successful for years proving the long experience of the boat builder in the field of zero-environmental-impact propulsion systems.

It’s against this background that we deal with the latest Naumatec electric creation, the E-Tender 460 that will enjoy her world debut at the next Cannes Yachting Festival.

Naumatec E-tender 390The new “E-Tender 460” measures 4.60 x 2 metres and, according to the different owner’s needs, can be fitted with a 15 kW( more than 20 hp) engine powered with a single battery or with a 30 kW one (41 hp) with twin batteries.

It is very interesting to note that dry weight is just 480 kg in the first case, 620 kg in the more powerful version.

One among the main advantages offered by the electric engine therefore lies in the considerable lightweight of the boat. Because of its small size, in fact, the tender can be easily accommodate in megayachts’ garagse. Furthermore, the new luxury tender requires limited maintenance compared to that of a Naumatec competitor with thermal engines.

Made by an Italian company based in Campalto (VE) named Huracan, the electric engine was specifically designed for this tender. The mobile drive designed by Huracan allows very tight turns and great handling in reverse, which are essential qualities for a tender. Naumatec E-tender 460

Moreover, electric propulsion considerably reduces noise and vibrations to the benefit of a silent eco-friendly technology.

Building technology involves the use of vacuum-sealed epoxy resin, a method that guarantees more mechanical resistance, lightweight as well as a considerable reduction of VOC emissions during the lamination stage.

In addition to a lower environmental impact, the electric engine also allows this eco-friendly boat to enter protected marine reserves where traditional vessels are not permitted to sail.

The hull, too, was specifically designed for the E-Tender 460 in order to maximize performances and guarantee low fuel consumption, greater range in open sea and maneuvrability in the marinas.

motore elettrico E-tender 460In addition to its traditional function, the D-shaped hypalon tube also serves as a fender, which is very useful on a product like a luxury tender since it is mainly used within ports.

Waterlines and deck design bring the signature of Federico Fiorentino who took advantage of the most advanced CFD computerized systems for the study of fluid-dynamics and the construction of a specific hull for this luxury tender.

” The underlying philosophy of every single Naumatec product lies in the fact that every tender should represent the calling card of the yacht which it is related to and of which it has to reflect qualities and prestige in terms of style, image and performance”, tells us Naumatec Sales Manager Mariapia Vettori.

It’s precisely from this perspective that Naumatec, since its foundation, has been offering owners the possibility to customize both fittings and layout of their boats according to their specific needs”.

Naumatec, the brand specialized in the production of luxury custom-made tenders for mega-yachts, was acquired by Nuova Jolly Marine in 2016. With this new model, it now demonstrates a renewed vitality and desire to renovate.

Their models are attractive and interesting. This is why we’ve already booked a sea trial to test this wonderful E-Tender 460. So, stay tuned for further updates!



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