Naumatec Freccia 800
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At the Monaco Yacht Show a particular inflatable boat is exhibited. It’s the Naumatec Freccia 800, a tender for superyachts with an extraordinary racing hull. Designed by Federico Fiorentino, this “supertender” shares the same waterlines than its racing version, the Freccia 800 Racing, which has already won four prizes – two Italian and two international ones – in the Endurance category.

Of course, the leisure version, fitted with 370HP diesel or 420HP gas engines, will never reach the 80-knot speed of the race version but makes you sail at 50 anyway.

Not bad for a boat that is intended to be used as a tender. The Naumatec Freccia 800 will be certainly appreciated by all those wishing to get their destinations quickly and with extreme fun.

Naumatec Freccia 800 lateral viewNaumatec Freccia 800 racing

Naumatec Freccia 800 – How she is made

With a length of 8 meters and a width of 2.70 meters, the Naumatec Freccia 800 follows the slender lines of American sports bow riders. The finishes are made in quality materials and the extensive use of stainless steel, teak and marine leather enhances the Italian style of the boat.

The center console is typical of bow riders design and is cut in half by the walkway leading to the forward cockpit. This element, now used on a tender, facilitates movement on board and is an important factor in terms of comfort: when there are many guests on board (the Naumatec Freccia 800 is Category C-approved and can therefore accommodate up to 9 passengers), those who will not find a place in the stern seats can easily find a place in the bow.

Even the boarding and disembarking operations can be carried out along the topside and an access step is available in the forward section.

Naumatec Freccia 800 consoleNaumatec Freccia 800, steering console

When passengers take their place only in the stern section, they can enjoy a well-protected cockpit as well as a fast completely dry navigation.

Moreover, Naumatec guarantees an excellent customization level for the Freccia 800. The starting point is the hull while the exterior layout, the materials and the engine options can be easily modified.

Naumatec Freccia 800, sternNaumatec Freccia 800, seating

A clear example of that is the outboard version (photo below) where the astern sun pad has a different configuration characterized by two lateral walkways which give instant access to the cockpit.

In conclusion, the Freccia 800 is a great custom tender which will satisfy the wishes of all the superyacht owners and captains who want to move (very) quickly from one spot to another.

Naumatec Freccia 800 at sea


Naumatec Freccia 800 – Technical Specs

Length 8.10 m
Width 2.70 m
Draft 1.33 m
Dry Weight from 1,900 kg
Seating 9/12
Engine and Propulsion Options
Gas up to 500 HP
Diesel 350 HP
Sterndrive/Outboard/Water Jet

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