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Monaco Yacht Show

Rebel 50G

Rebel 50G, the superyacht-like luxury Maxi Rib

Making its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, Rebel 50G is the latest addition to the Sacs Tecnorib range and is destined to conquer the hearts of luxury Maxi Rib enthusiasts. The Principality’s showcase

Benetti Yachts BNow 67M Oasis

Benetti Yachts presents new projects at the Monaco Yacht Show

Benetti Yachts evolves the B.Century family and launches the innovative 85M “Project ORO”. Several collaborations with established international naval design and architecture studios are planned. The calendar of the launches is complete, as are the


Monaco (Super) Yacht Show: how big you are!

Two more months and the triumph of nautical history will bring its exploits to the Monaco Yacht Show 2021 to be tinged with the Principality’s blue blood. A “phenomenal fleet of superyachts that will be

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