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At the Paris Bat Show, the world premiere of the Nj 850 XL, the brand-new Rib from Nuova Jolly Marine goes to the scene.

Nuova-Jolly-Nj-850-XLThe ultra-spacious NJ 850 XL is the result of a brand-new design, partly supervised by Matteo De Francesco, the engineer who studied the waterlines and deck layout for the Bussero-based shipyard.

It’s a boat that, at first sight, expresses a lot of character. And it does so by anticipating great speed performance combined with the attention to detail to which Nuova Jolly has always accustomed us. It’s no coincidence that long-time captains like Sergio Davì choose the Nuova Jolly Ribs for some crazy ‘overseas’ crossings (the plural is obligatory). After all, it is the sturdiness of the boat that counts most of all in offshore adventures.

At the French event we met Teo Aiello, head of the boatyard, who on more than one occasion confirmed his great enthusiasm for his umpteenth nautical creation: “We are preparing the NJ 850 XL for the Paris public and can’t wait to show it off in all its glory”.

It is a satisfaction that we share, because displaying such a long-awaited novelty was not to be taken for granted, given the problems that arise due to the chronic lack of materials and the pandemic.

Nuova Jolly marks another stage in Paris, after its assiduous presence at all the main shows this year. And with the Nj 850 XL it adds an absolute premiere to complete a series of unique hits. Among these is the super gutsy Prince 43 CC, exclusively (almost absolutely) powered by twin powerful Mercury Verado 600 V12 outboards.

Nj 850 XL: 3.35 meter beam

The NJ 850 XL is an incredibly large boat: 8.73 meters in length with a beam of no less than 3.35 meters. An exceptional size that characterizes the Nuova Jollyboat in an extraordinary way and we are sure it will be of great interest to lovers of nautical camping or those looking for a tender to launch on large yachts.

At the Paris Boat Show (December 4-12), Nuova Jolly Marine’s booth stands out among the best. And, indeed, the public showed great interest in the NJ 850 XL. A boat that convinces by its size and sporty beauty, while at the same time offering the guarantee of a shipyard renowned for its high-level Maxi-Ribs.

Such a large beam offers plenty of space on board. The boat’s generous volumes are matched by an attractive list price of 57,000 euro excluding VAT.

As for the propulsion, the Nj 850 XL is approved for a maximum power of 450 HP in single or double installation. Surrounding the bracket where the two outboards are installed are two platforms that lead to the aft area. This is equipped with a bench that covers the entire width available between the tubulars. What’s more, it has a fold-down wing backrest. The T-Top is magnificent and will be presented at the Paris show in the stainless steel version, but it will also be available in fibreglass.

A well-designed steering console

The dashboard is ergonomic and central, an unmistakable sign of how well thought out the NJ 850 XL is for navigation. Turning to the console, there are two large helm seats installed next to an aft-facing storage space that is very useful for on-board equipment.

White dominates all the cushions and is also used for the tubulars. The helm is located to the left of the boat between the large side decks and is sheltered by the windscreen, which in turn is housed in a steel frame that also acts as a handrail.

Absolutely multi-faceted and full of aspects worthy of consideration, the NJ 850 XL has three lockers located on the foredeck, plus another on the deck.

The bow area can be converted into a dinette, which can be enjoyed in company thanks to the pull-out table option. The table can be lifted up as an alternative to the basic configuration, which includes a spacious bow sundeck.

This is a prerogative of Nuova Jolly Marine: it always manages to surprise by designing truly versatile and spacious foredecks. The case of the NJ 850 XL is further confirmation of this. In conclusion, the Rib’s fibreglass counter-moulding ends at the bow with the iconic bowplate to drop the anchor, another distinctive feature of an exceptional all-Italian premiere.



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