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Nuova Jolly: from the Fort Lauderdale International American Show to the whole of America

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Elegant stand and prestigious boats for Nuova Jolly at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. A choice that fully reflects the planned commercial move of the shipyard that, in military terms, could be defined as an American Campaign.

nuova-jolly-flibs-2We interviewed Teo Aiello, General Manager of the brand which has been manufacturing high-end inflatable boats for years. ” It’s the third time we’ve joined an American boat show in collaboration with our dealer Intermarine with which we established this partnership 18 months ago – Teo Aiello said – However,  this is the first time we’ve looked at the American market as a concrete opportunity to enlarge our business”.

In the next few months, in fact, Intermarine will become the official overseas distributor of Nuova Jolly products, supported by a wide network of dealers spread across the most important American yachting vital points.

Today, – Aiello continues – the figures we develop in the USA in terms of units sold are relatively small (about a dozen of boats) yet essential in terms of turnover since they are related to models longer than 30 feet“.nuova-jolly-flibs-7

The models exhibited at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show fully reflect this trend: a Prince 33 Sport Cabin and a Prince 38, flanked by two smaller models, the NJ 630 and the Prince 25.

RIBs have progressively conquered the American market and US yachtsmen gradually acknowledged their real, immediate advantages. Stability, for example, is the key feature of these boats, both when mooring and when sailing. “The proximity of floats to the waterline contributes to minimize rolling and friction when the hull touches the water; as a result, our inflatable boats are significantly quieter than equivalent powerboats. And the same applies when the boat travels at high speed”, the manager explains.

nuova-jolly-flibs-1Tubes have also an other important advantage. Their additional protective surface contributes to keep both the cockpit and the deck considerably dry when sailing, by preventing water sprays from entering the boat. Furthermore, the Nuova Jolly well-designed hull lines always guarantee a soft passage over the waves.

Although assumed for an European yachtsmen, these advantages become less obvious for an American boater.

“ In the USA, inflatable boats have been traditionally considered as just a possibility and not as a real option when choosing a boat. Consequently, the various brands have exclusively focused on smaller models. We have demonstrated how ribs can be a real and advantageous alternative to classic open boats”.  nuova-jolly-flibs-5

In addition, inflatable boats are more glamorous than other boat categories. While a 38-foot powerboat actually risks to disappear amongst hundreds of similar boats within a marina, a 38-foot rib, on the contrary, never goes unnoticed: the “wow” effect provoked by a craft that is three times the size of any other vessel of the same category is inevitable.

Last but not least, the American market gives great important to the design and style of Nuova Jolly‘s products.

Our products are all made in Italy and this is highlighted by their fittings, their chromatic choices, their general concept as well as the customization possibilities offered for every single boat. This is an important advantage that sets us apart from the rest of East-European nuova-jolly-flibs-5and Chinese boat manufacturers. When you choose a model longer than 30 feet, the price doesn’t make the difference. What is essential is the quality of what you find on board. And we are able to guarantee both quality and style in every boat we build. We can’t do otherwise” says Teo Aiello with a smile.

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