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Nuova Jolly Marine will not miss the two major international boat shows in September. The Italiand shipyard will attend both the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023, scheduled for September 12-17, and the Genoa International Boat Show, from September 21-26. Both showcases will be an opportunity to present Nuova Jolly Marine’s new products for the 2024 boating season: in Cannes, the company will be present with several maxi-ribs, including the flagship Prince 50 (15.05 x 4.54 meters overall, pictured in the opening photo) powered by an outstanding 400-horsepower Mercury Verado V10 outboard quad; while in Genoa, Nuova Jolly Marine will also display on water a Prince 38 CC (11.30 x 3.90 meters overall) in the new SD version powered by twin Mercury Racing 500R outboards.

But the Nuova Jolly Marine entries does not end there. In fact, at the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show, the Bussero-based shipyard will also be present with a booth inside Pavilion B, with the two new models Prince 24 Exclusive and Prince 30 Exclusive.

Let’s take a closer look below at some of the new 2024 models that Nuova Jolly Marine will be exhibiting in Cannes and Genoa.

Nuova Jolly Marine Prince 24 Exclusive

Compared to the current model (which still remains on the list), the new Prince 24 Exclusive from Nuova Jolly Marine will offer a more up-to-date style and different dimensions: in fact, the overall width will reach 7.70 meters (+ 35 cm, but 6.99 meters homologation), while the width will remain the same at 3.10 meters overall. Totally rethought is the deck of the maxi-rib: two lockers are planned in the bow, while the walkaround console will have a sportier style and offer the possibility of setting up a toilet room inside.

Nuova Jolly Marine Prince 24 ExclusiveMoreover, the bolster will be equipped with two independent armchairs with armrests, aft there is a galley unit that can be set up with stove, refrigerator, and sink, and the aft dinette will be larger and with more functional locker openings. But the differences from the current Prince 24 from Nuova Jolly Marine are many others: on the new rib there is no longer a fiberglass counter-mirror to separate the deck from the engine cockpit, replaced by a full-beam bench with a fold-down backrest towards the stern to extend the sundeck; and in the center of the dinette it will be possible to mount a table or extension. Finally, the aft gunwales will have a more refined design, similar to those on the Prince 30 and 33 CC, and the swim platforms will be wider. The waterlines have also been redesigned, taking cues from those of the Prince 27 and obviously adapting them to the new size.

Prince 30 Exclusive

Important update also for another Nuova Jolly Marine best seller, the Prince 30. In fact, the revamped maxi-rib (9.06 x 3.24 meters overall) features a major update of the deck: specifically, compared to the previous model forward there is a different distribution of the holds, with a single large locker instead of the dinette.

Also redesigned are the helm console, paying more attention to style and ergonomics, and the seats to ensure better comfort while underway.

Prince 30 Exclusive
Nuova Jolly Marine Prince 30 Exclusive

Finally, a major innovation is the aft area of the new Prince 30 from Nuova Jolly Marine: the dinette has a different shape and is wider and more usable, thanks also to the elimination of the counter-mirror separating the engine cockpit from the aft bathing area. The fold-down backrest towards the stern thus amplifies the space available for the solarium, becoming an irresistible environment for sunbathers.

Prince 38 CC SD

Nuova Jolly Marine Prince 38 CC SDOne of the most successful inflatables in the Nuova Jolly Marine range, the Prince 38 CC, has had its deck lines renewed with the introduction of the SD variant. This new Maxi-rib features an innovative steering console with a more elegant and sporty design, able to accommodate a cabin with toilet and a double bed inside. Changes have also been made to other deck details to further increase functionality and comfort on board. The Prince 38 CC SD will be on display on water, at the New Jolly Marine dock, and will be equipped with twin Mercury Racing V8 500 outboards, one of the novelties of the 2024 boating season.


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