Ocea Nemo 44: a Sport Utility Yacht to cruise anywhere and with comfort

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Ocea Nemo 44, the first boat conceived as Sport Utility Yacht, was born from the idea of a great expert of marine services and from the pencil of a great designer.

Since 1999, Aldo Manna has been working with big yachts shipowners who have chosen Italy as their destination for their navigation experiences, by offering brokerage and management services. Along with this experience, the collaboration with Ocea Yacht, a prestigious French shipbuilder with a 80-year-experience in steel and aluminium boats production, and the strengthened relationships with USA, he has decided to bring MC Yacht to an upper level. With an international market as target and an original project, Ocea Nemo 44 wants to satisfy the needs of all the shipowners who want luxury, amusement and sea-contact on their boat.

This was the input given to Fulvio De Simoni, the “father of Pershing boats”, who travelled to Ocea Nemo 44‘s planning with an interesting and original result. The concept of a Sport Utility Yacht considers the possibility to cruise a lot and anywhere, with several water toys and the necessary equipments to have relax and fun. De Simoni explains that the planning started from the stowage spaces, in particular from the garage, the floating beam, in order to minimize the covered volumes where tenders and jet sky will be stowed, and from the raised deck, for larger “toys”: a sporfisherman, a sailing boat or a bathyscaph. Exteriors spaces have been equally conceived to give shipowners the greatest opportunity to enjoy on-board life: an astern 25-square-metre beach club and an upper deck which can host a 20-square-metre swimming pool and a 30-square-metre “veranda”.

The shape, as De Simoni says, has been exalted by this functional research: in order to maximize the covered garage, one of the main features of Nemo is the absence of external ladders to link the different decks. Consequently, the raised deck is integrated in the structure in a more harmonious way.

ocean nemo layout

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