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Open powerboat enthusiasts rejoice! At the Genoa International Boat Show, visitors were delighted by a generous amount of new models ranging from 7 up to 20 metres in length. Those on display were not open boats dimply equipped with hard tops – also known as coupé – or closed by fiberglass domes and fly bridges – even though shipyards don’t like this definition maybe because the thought of selling a fly bridge-equipped powerboat seems too ambitious for marketing wizards.

In our case, we’re dealing with real open boats. At most, they feature a shorter or longer T-Top while maintaining separate windshield and superstructure. Excluding RIBs, among the boats on display in Genoa, 12 models have impressed us, equally distributed between new or even novice boatyards and long-standing brands.


Ridoc, il primo Baglietto MV 19, in navigazione.
Ridoc, the first Baglietto MV 19.

In a decreasing order of size, the first model on the list is the Baglietto MV 19. Ridoc is the first unit of this new line entirely made of alumium and she represents the evolution of the MV13, officially presented in 2013 and re-proposed in 2016 by Lapo Elkann in an unusual marine camouflage guise.

Like the predecessor, exterior lines of this 19.50-metre boat were designed by

Il quadrato dell'MV 19 Ridoc.
The dinette of the MV 19 Ridoc.

Francesco Paszkowski Design, openly inspired by the Mas models built by Baglietto during the last two World Wars. Lines are stretched with pronounced air vents and a perfect balance between all the typical elements of contemporary open boats, including the popular T-Top. Designed in cooperation with Margherita Casprini, interiors feature canaletto walnut upholsteries harmoniously combined with white glossy lacquered walls and dark oak floors.

The result is a majestic muscly look enhanced by a beautiful dark silver grey paint. Power comes from two MAN V12 1800h engines that deliver a top speed of 40 knots.


Baglietto MV 19.

Heron Yachts

L'Heron 56 di Heron Yachts.
The Heron yachts Heron 56

Coming down a size, we go from a name of long-standing tradition to an absolute debut. Designed by Massimo Picco, the Heron 56 inaugurates a new reality which moves its first steps in Fiumicino, Italy. With a length of 17 metres, this boat is surprisingly beautiful but far from any excessive opulence. It’s like one of those beautiful powerboats we’re used to see in Porto Cervo with many beautiful girls in their bikinis on board, champagne leather upholstery and metallic livery with charcoal-brown shades.

Il pozzetto dell'Heron 56.
The cockpit of the Heron 56.

A peculiar aspect is the vertical thin bow, sharp and longitudinally curved. Its side surfaces are flat, almost stretched to facilitate the flow of hydrodynamic streams on the hull of the boat. However, the key features of this open powerboat are its low displacement (just 15 tons), partially due to the extensive use of Kevlar instead of traditional glass, and its hull lines that Massimo Picco developed from those of a common sailing yacht. Surfaces are completely smooth, with no chines, spray rails, steps or redans.

La cabina di prua dell'Heron Yachts 56.
The fore cabin of the Heron Yachts 56

The goal, in fact, was to create a hull which could grant excellent performance with maximum comfort. Powered by two Ips 600 engines, the boat can reach up to 32 knots (according to the official data issued by the shipyard). At 10 knots, fuel consumption is just 10 l/h. For those looking for more exciting performance, the boat can be fitted with Two Ips 800hp engines. Interiors include three cabins, three bathrooms (the master’s one is equipped with a separate shower box) and an astern crew cabin accessible from the cockpit. The galley is open-air.


Cantiere del Pardo


Il Pardo Yachts 43 Cantiere del Pardo.
The Pardo Yachts 43, the first powerboat built by Cantiere del Pardo.

With a length of 14 metres, the Pardo Yachts 43 was probably the most-talked-about boats of the Genoa Boat Show. The first powerboat built by Cantieri del Pardo – a brand internationally known for its popular Grand Soleil line – this model shocked both the audience and insiders.

The boatyard claims it has already sold 20 units between Cannes Yachting Festival and the Genoa Boat Show ( this statement dates back to the opening Saturday of the Genoa kermesse, so it is likely that at least 5 other boats have been sold and others might arrive with the Barcelona appointment in October).

Designed by Zuccheri Design studio in collaboration with Del Pardo Design Department, the boat made turn more than a single head for its reversed bow, its well-balanced volumes, its compact T-Top and… for its incredible resemblance to the Fjord 42, one of the forefathers of this new generation of open. Two are the motorizations avalailable: two Volvo Penta Ips 500 370hp or two Ips 600 453 hp engines.

Il pozzetto del Pardo 43 Cantiere del Pardo.
The cokcpit of the Pardo 43.



Canados Gladiator 428.
Canados Gladiator 428.

Similar in terms of size and shipyard lineage but with a completely different exterior design, the Canados Gladiator 428 was designed by Marco Casali.

Openly inspired by the elegant majestic powerboats of the ’70s and ’80s, made famous by the Italian singer and actor Mario Merola in the movie The smugglers of Santa Lucia, this boat replicates all the essential features of its predecessors: sharp V-shaped bow, reverse sheer, maximum draft at a third of the bow and small windshield.

Il pozzetto del Canados Gladiator 428.
The cockpit of the Canados Gladiator 428

However, the Gladiator 428 introduces some interesting innovations, such as a compact well-balanced T-Top, elegant furniture style, contemporary cockpit layout along with the possibility to customize bulkheads and finishing with a wide range of colours and fittings, including synthetic teak in the deck. Interiors include just a cabin and a bathroom that benefit from very generous volumes.

Motorization is available in two different versions: two Volvo Penta D6 400 hp engines with DuoPro thrusters or two Cummins QSB6.7 550hp engines with TS 55 Top Systems surface thrusters. In the first case, top speed can reach 41 knots; in the second one, top speed and cruising speed are 50 and 40 knots respectively.


Gli interni del Canados Gladiator 428.
Interiors of the Canados Gladiator 428.


Evo Yachts


L'Evo WA di Evo Yachts in navigazione.
The Evo Yachts Evo WA

The Evo WA is part of a much younger family. Following the example launched by the Wider in 2001, she is equipped with the so-called Xtension technology, an advanced system that allows the cockpit to expand through a movement of the stern and bulkheads. Designed by Rivellini Technical Studio, this 13-metre open can indeed benefits from additional 25 square metres when at anchor.

Resulting from the same philosophy, her sister, the Evo 43, had her world debut last year as a pure open while the Walk Around model ( with a width of 4.5 metres when closed and 6.31 metres when open) features a central section partially covered by a small superstructure of which, however, only the elegant windshield and the unfailing T-Top are visible. Consistent with the modernity of the concept, hull lines are linear and smooth, with vertical bow and sides, chines on the hull, a clear-cut superstructure and brilliant colours, surprisingly far from usual white or blue navy guises. Power comes from two Volvo Penta Ips 600 435hp engines that deliver a top speed of 38 knots and a cruising speed of 28 knot.

L'Evo WA di Evo Yachts pozzetto aperto.
The Evo Yachts Evo WA with open cockpit


Aqa Yachts

Aqa 35 tender
The Aqa 35 tender

Completely restyled in terms of technical contents and weight arrangement, the Aqa 35 tender edit 2017 replicates all the typical charm of classic open boats. With an overall length of 12.15 metres ( structural length is 9.98 m), she is characterized by a streamlined bow and the total absence of fixed superstructures above the windshield.

La cabina dell'Aqa 35.
The cabin of the Aqa 35

Completely customizable in terms of colours, fittings and interior materials, the boat houses a master cabin in the bow, a double cabin under the cockpit, a bathroom and a dinette. The maximum power installable is equal to 400 horsepower with inboard-outboard drive. According to the official data of the shipyard, the boat can reach a top speed of 46 knots.



Blue Ice

Il T-Type di Blue Ice in navigazione.
The Blue Ice T-Type

An absolute world première at the Genoa Boat Show, the Blue Ice T-Type is another motorboat with classic layout in terms of sheer and hull lines but definitively contemporary in terms of finishing, exterior and interior design, colours, glazed surfaces and interior décor.

Gli interni del T-Type.
Interiors of the T-Type

Designed by Valerio Rivellini, the boat features a length of 9.98 metres (LOA, however, is 11.5 metres). Volvo Penta motorization is available in three different versions: D3 220 hp, D4 260 hp or D4 d300 hp engines. In the last case, the shipyard foresees a top speed of 39 knots. Interiors include two double cabins and a dinette. Accommodation is for 5 adults.



Aurea Yachts

Aurea 30 Cabin.
The Aurea 30 Cabin.

After the great success gained by the Open and the Tender version, the Aurea Yachts Aurea 30 is now available in a new beautiful Cabin guise. All three models are the first motor catamarans under 10 metres never designed and built in Europe.

With an overall length of just 9.16 metres and a maximum (very compact) beam of 3 metres, they are certified in category A. Even larger than many other open catamarans, they can accommodate up to 20 guests with the possibility to host 4 people at night.

100% customizable in terms of cover, cockpit and wood, this project designed by Daniele Rizo features a displacement of just 2,600 kg (with no engines) and can be fitted with an inboard or an inboard-outboard motor outputting up to 740 hp.

Aurea 30 Cabin in navigazione.
The Aurea 30 Cabin catamaran in navigation
Gli interni dell'Aurea 30
Interiors of the Aurea 30









Sessa, Chris-Craft, Salpa and Invictus

Sessa Key Largo 27 con entrofuoribordo.
The Sessa Key Largo 27 fitted with inboard-outboard engine

Finally, on behalf of the lower part of the market corridor ( intended in terms of size, not necessarily in terms of price) other four novelties have shaken the world of open boats at the Genoa Boat Show.

First of all, the Sessa Key Largo 27, now proposed in an inboard version according to the increasingly popular trend of the market.

Chris Craft Capri 27.
The Chris Craft Capri 27.

Then, the Chris-Craft Capri 27 cleverly combines soft roundish lines with a vertical bow, a teak deck, leather upholstery, highly customizable colours and details.

Just 8 metres (or almost) long, the Salpa Laver 26X offers geometries that are worthy of a much larger boat.

Finally, the 200 Hx is the latest creation of Invictus, the shipyard that materializes designer Christian Grande’s concepts. She breaks into the world of small open boats by setting new astonishing style and elegance standards.

L'invictus 2oo Hx.
the Invictus 200 Hx


Salpa Laver 26.
The Salpa Laver 26.



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