Osculati stops

Osculati stops temporarily to restart stronger than ever

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Osculati stops temporarily and respects the latest anti-Coronavirus measures

Osculati stops temporarily

Until the latest order issued by the Lombardy Region and the ” Close Italy” decree signed by the President of the Council of Ministers, Osculati continued to work, applying extraordinary security measures with extreme rigor.

For the Italian leader of marine accessories, in fact, respecting the restrictive anti-Coronavirus measures and doing it’s one duty even in this period of full emergency was not an oxymoron but a demonstration of caution and great professionalism at the same time.

But, in the face of the new restrictive measures that have established the temporarily shutdown of production activities in most of Italian factories and shipyards, Osculati has followed the new rules for the good of the country.

First of all, Osculati sanitizationI want to assure you that we’re all fine: to date, we have registered no positive cases for COVID-19 at Osculati – the company writes on its Facebook profile – The Ministerial Decree of 22 March has established the temporarily shutdown of all non-essential businesses, including ours. We can only complete the activities necessary for suspension by March 25th 2020, including the shipment of goods in stock. We stop temporarily to come back stronger”.

At Osculati, we have the honor and burden to be a key part of the Italian and European boating industry – the company highlights in a note – A suspension of our activities before the last decree which imposed and coordinated their closure at national level would have put in difficulty over a thousand companies and several thousand workers who rely on us for their work”.

A safe and serene working environment

Osculati CoronavirusBefore shutdown, the Italian company had always guaranteed a safe working environment to its employees. Every day, every department was sanitized, from offices to common areas, passing through logistic equipment while a specialized company was in charge of a more thorough sanitization at weekends.

Moreover, the office staff alternated between smart working and physical presence, so that there were as few people as possible in the same place at the same time. Furthermore, in the logistics department, the company exploited the double shift and the appropriate PPE to limit the contemporary presence and protect workers.

The moral aspect is equally important, especially at such a psychologically difficult time. It is important to maintain good mood, which contributes to strengthen the immune system. At Osculati, in fact, workers took advantage of the lunch break to air the offices and, when the weather was good, to spend some time outdoors, always keeping the safety distances.

Osculati lunch break

Osculati stops and looks to the future

According to the staff of Osculati, aOsculati warehouse sanitization multinational company based in Segrate that, every day, supplies more than 5,000 professional customers around the world which, in turn, resell Osculati’s products to thousands of individuals, to serve the boating sector and keep it alive, working in safety and honoring the regular tax and social security deadlines, is the best way to overcome this unpredictable health emergency.

It is also for this reason that Osculati stops due to force majeure but is looking forward to returning to the field as soon as possible to continue satisfying the requests of his customers.

At last Boot Düsseldorf, Osculati unveiled its 2020 catalogue: 1,104 pages with 22,000 items and 1,000 new products. The catalogue ranges from bollards to paints, from cleaning products to electronics, from deck equipment to lighting. In short, accessories for every use and for all tastes.

Osculati stops temporarily but does not forget to thank all its collaborators who, with commendable dedication combined with the utmost prudence and a great sense of responsibility, have allowed the business to go on to the end. Looking forward to restarting more determined than ever.

Osculati S.r.l.

Via Pacinotti, 12

20090 Segrate (MI)

Phone: 02 2699 111 – Fax: 02 2699 1120


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