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We meet the brothers Andrea and Giangi Razeto to talk about a revolutionary product, the OSSH handle, which has already won numerous awards, most recently the “Silver A’design Award” from the International Design Academy.

Creator and designer of this object, Giangi explains its substance, starting with the name OSSH, which stands for “Our Souls Saved by Handles“, as if it were an anagram of SOS and its positive response.

antivurs handle It was created as a handle for fire doors, as a system for signalling escape routes through the use of light signals: when the doors, whose activation status is displayed on the control panel, close due to a fire, the handle, equipped with 40 RGB LEDs, lights up red on the side opposite the fire and green on the side of the fire, taking information from the Fire Detection System. The same colour code and programmable movement of the LEDs are used to indicate escape routes even during a power failure.

The design of the OSSH Razeto & Casareto handle is neutral, almost industrial, and the construction is sturdy and compact, suitable for heavy fire doors; a diaphragm made of aeronautical material, also used by NASA, razeto ossh prevents the passage of flame through the handle. In fact, it has obtained A60 certification, which means that it will continue to operate mechanically even after 60 minutes at 1,000 degrees centigrade!

In the development process, the OSSH was made available in stand-alone (privacy: free green/busy red), wired and wifi versions (to connect the handles with each other and with on-board systems). Today the system has been simplified by eliminating the Wi-Fi and creating a truly smart handle: the management electronics have been removed from the door post and moved to the ceiling in a special junction box, wired with a BUS485 system that carries a network signal throughout the boat and power supply to the handle through the lock clash.

It is simply installed, even in the case of retrofitting, as an unambiguous safety means of hazard communication via BUS485. Moreover, the handle can be programmed to signal different functions, such as re-cabling or do not disturb.

From the dashboard, it is possible to configure each individual handle or send messages to it, such as a request to lock a door by flashing red/green: when the lock is closed, the light turns steady red. The procedure of checking the operation of the fire doors before the ships departure is made faster by the presence of the illuminated handles: at a glance the crew can see if the doors are closed correctly or not.


led door handle Furthermore, the top-of-the-range version is enhanced by the ESI antimicrobial system (currently undergoing RINA certification), which is impervious to viruses, bacteria and fungi and prevents contact contamination, especially in the most frequented places.

OSSH03small Handles, both on ships and on charter yachts, are certainly one of the objects to be sanitized most often: the OSSH Razeto & Casareto handle sanitizes itself. A cabin that has already been sanitized can be indicated by the handle in a colour of your choice.

Razeto & Casareto, especially on large yachts, studies and customizes the design of each type of handle, following not only the perfection of the shape, but also the functionality of the system customized to the needs of the owner and the style of the boat.

But the possible developments through interfacing with the on-board domotics of this intelligent object can be further implemented: for example, it could be useful to signal the presence of gas or carbon monoxide, or simply to check that all the doors have been closed. The colours and light effects that can be programmed are virtually infinite.

A shower of awards for the Razeto & Casareto OSSH handle

2019 Gianneschi Innovation Award Winner                                         

2021 German Design Award Special Mention

2021 Germany Innovation Award Winner

2021 MEIDHAM Innovation Lab Winner

2021 ADI Design Index pending

2021 DNA Paris Design Awards Winner

2021 A’ Design award Winner

2020 Muse Award Winner

2020 Genoa Boat Show/Adi/Career Award (FREC)

2020 Le Fonti Award Winner (FREC)

2020 DAME, Innovation in Adversity, finalist

2020 IDA Design Award Silver Winner

Contacts: Razeto & Casareto – Sori (GE) Italy – www.razetocasareto.cominfo@razetocasareto.com

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