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Pilot boat at the mercy of the waves: the owner falls overboard and rescuers come surfing. The video.

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He falls overboard in the open sea after having challenged the ocean waves: the owner of a pilot boat left at the mercy of the waves has fortunately escaped from a very dangerous situation. Following the vain attempts of the companions to save and get him back on board, he has been recovered by rescuers rushed surfing.

It happened last week in the Bay of Biscay. In Passe du Boucarot, France, a pilot boat tried to leave the port despite the harsh weather conditions.

The video clearly shows the owner going offshore and heading for the ocean at full speed in a particularly rough sea. The boat, left at the mercy of increasingly threatening waves, began to heel and take on water.

In addition to the owner, a child and two fishermen, visibly shocked, were on board. One of the two men, at first, managed to save the boat owner who was about to lose his balance following the umpteenth wave. Only with the help of his companion, the man returned to the helm trying to straighten the boat without realizing, however, that the waters still raged behind him.

At that point, the situation got worse. Due to the rolling of the water, the engine went out at the very moment when the boat was parallel to a big wave and, subsequently, began to take on water. The child, panicked, lost his balance and only the prompt intervention of both fishermen saved him from the waters. The fate of the owner was different since, this time, he was unable to save himself. When the boat tilted, the man slipped and lost contact with the rudder, falling ruinously overboard, at the mercy of the waves.

Panic broke out on board and one of the two anglers grabbed the helm and tried to control the boat, while, with a shovel, he tried in vain to remove the water entering the boat. The child, the only one on board with a floating jacket, crouched in a corner while the second fisherman tried to grab the owner who had fallen into the water. The man, with obvious difficulties in getting back on board, initially clung with his hands to the bow of the boat so as not to be swept away by the waves and the force of the sea that still raged on the pilot boat.

A small group of people formed on the nearest quay, made up of rescuers and worried passers-by, while the agitation did not stop at sea. Knocked off and at the mercy of the waves again, the owner, having lost contact with the bow, managed to swim to the boat and cling, this time aft next to the outboard. One of the fishermen tried to get him on board but the ocean continued to hamper the rescue.

Finally, a group of surfers solved the situation. Three men approached to the boat and, taming the waves, helped the the man to get back on board from the stern platform.

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