Prince 33 Sport Cabin
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Yachting has grown by leaps and bounds Nuova-Jolly-Prince-33-Sport-Cabinover the last few years and a sufficient sailing quality is now discernible in almost all models currently available on the market. But yachtsmen know that not all boats, whether they are inflatable or powerboats, sailing crafts or superyachts, navigate the same way. There are even some vessels where design, planning, construction and, above all, teamwork give rise to real masterpieces which you would never want to get off.

That’s exactly what we felt after our sea trial on board the new Nuova jolly Marine Prince 33 Sport Cabin


Prince 33 Sport Cabin – Description

If you think that a cabin-equipped RIB must necessarily look like a sperm whale, you’re completely wrong. The Prince 33 Sport Cabin perfectly solves the complex equation of volume and appearance by offering a sleek harmonious sporty profile.

Prince 33 Sport Cabin poppaSurrounded by stainless steel handrails, the bow of the Prince is a flush deck that, climbing altitude with a small angle, gently flows into the protective windshield by outlining the sporty lines of the boat. A lateral window contributes to further lighten the deckhouse’s profile while two flush portholes and the fore side-deck guarantee a considerable air recycling in the cabin.

Abaft, the deckhouse features the entrance to the cabin on the left and the steering console on the starboard side. Equipment is well-arranged and the contrast between the carbon instrument panel and the white analog equipment enhances the sporty character of the RIB. In the steering console, ergonomics is great and the double driver’s desk, equipped with elevation and toe-clip, guarantees extraordinary visibility even when sitting.

Below the double driver’s seat, there’s a kitchenette nuova-jolly-prince-33-sport-cabinequipped with cooking stoves, sink and refrigerator. On both sides, sufficiently wide side-decks and handrails guarantee further comfort and safety on board.

The dinette of the Prince 33 Sport Cabin is spacious and surrounded by some sofas, below which tree large lockers offer a comfortable stowage space. An electric storable table and a large awning provide 6-7 guests with a comfortable shaded environment where to have lunch or relax when at anchor.

The astern swimming platform houses the compartments reserved for the two Mercury Verado 300 engines. This solution allows both to protect motors and access to the two comfortable lateral platforms to dive or easily climb on board after bathing.

nuova-jolly-prince-33-sport-cabin-5677The boat features two sun pads: one, boundless, in the bow and the other in the stern that can be created by rising the storable table and adding some pillows.

The model we tested was a “full teak” version. Consequently, the deck, the cockpit and the swimming platform were all coated with this wonderful wood, available as an optional to provide the Prince 33 Sport Cabin with further unrivalled elegance.

The hull features a particularly deep (25°) “V” with a very sharp right ahead. Like the other boats of the line, the Prince 33 Sport Cabin, too, is built with multi-axial layers whose outermost sections are laminated with vinylester resin and neopentilic NI gelcoat (a Nuova Jolly Marine exclusive).



Prince 33 Sport Cabin – The cabin

In a previous article, we had already described this cabin Nuova Jolly Prince 33 Sport Cabin interioras the result of something similar to the “Undetectable extension charm” used by Harry Potter to transform a small tent into a palace. Designer Matteo De Francesco and Nuova Jolly Marine Technical Office have indeed succeeded in creating huge interiors that are worthy of much bigger vessels.

Once the sliding door is open, two steps lead to a large high passageway. On the left, a jump seat houses a locker while, on the starboard side, there’s an incredibly spacious bathroom, equipped with two mirrors, a washbasin and two comfortable lockers. An electric WC is located on the starboard side without obstructing circulation in the Cabina del Prince 33 Sport Cabinenvironment. A porthole guarantees correct air-recycling in the room.

Located forward of the passageway, the cabin houses a huge bed. A wardrobe positioned on the starboard side along with a large dresser at the foot of the bed and a spacious locker under mattresses provide the owner with sufficient stowage space.

In short, the surprising size of the cabin allows comfortable long-range cruises.


Sea Trial

We tested the Prince 33 Sport Cabin during the last Genoa International Boat Show. On these occasions – regardless of sea and weather conditions – sea is generally made rough by the numerous boats going out for tests. In practice, we had to face a confused wave coming fro all directions.

Powered by two Mercury Verado 300 engines, the Prova in Mare Prince 33 Sport CabinPrince and her V-shaped hull were always stable for all the duration of the sea trial. Invited by Teo Aiello, I reached the steering console. Leaning on the seat with my legs on the toe-clip, my position was correct and stable. Visibility was perfect, with no obstacles forward or abaft.

Equipped with soft responsive throttles, the boat also includes the possibility to steer with a single lever, letting the software take care of synchronizing the two engines. As soon as I throttled up, the Prince immediately started planing without changing her trim.

You know that phenomenon where the bow first raises so much that, after starting to plane, it starts to lower and the boat freely speeds up? Well, this phenomenon is substantially absent in this RIB. The Prince speeds up progressively and starts to plane at 12-13 knots. This demonstrates the excellent performance of the hull and, above all, the extraordinary weight arrangement of this boat.

Test Prince 33 Sport CabinPlaning at 12 knots means that you can easily face sea and weather conditions elsewhere considered as uncomfortable or prohibitive.

At full throttle, the Prince astonished us again and acted like a racer. In rough sea, she sailed at 40 knots with no problems without never hitting waves.

We started to test some tight turns and, despite our sudden accelerations and decelerations, the Prince was always unshakable.

However, if you are thinking about a “deaf” inflatable boat, you’re wrong as the Prince is highly responsive and acts like a sporty powerboat.


The Prince 33 Sport Cabin is a well-designed boat that virtually lends itself to any end use.

Suitable for your summer cruises, she is perfect for daily family trips and exciting sailing experiences, too.

Maybe, the only flaw of the Prince is that she elevates expectations about the category to a higher level. But, believe us, once you get off, it will be really hard to find something better.



rpm Speed(kn) Fuel Consumption(l/h) Fuel Consumption(l/nm)
1,000 5 8 1,60
2,000 8.5 19 2.24
Planing Speed 3,000 13.9 46 3.31
4,000 25 78 3,12
4,500 30 99.2 3.31
5,000 34 124 3.65
Vel.max 6,400 45.4 226 4.98

The sea trail was carried out in front of the port of Genoa with a 10-knot wind, rough sea, 3 passengers on board, 40% water tank, 80% fuel tank. The RIB was powered by Mercury Verado 300 engines .

Technical Specifications

Length 10.20 m
Width 3.50 m
Inner Length 8.90 m
Inner Width 2.10 m
Tube size 0.60 m
Compartments 6
Weight 3000 Kg
Max Power 700 hp
Shaft length XL/XXL
Passenger Capacity 10
Category B
Fuel Tank Capacity 500 l
Fresh Water Tank Capacity 150 l
Cabins 1


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