On Test. PROTAGON 20 by Selva Marine: sporty and versatile cruising

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PROTAGON 20 by Selva Marine is a perfect combination of innovation, performance and comfort. Boasting cutting-edge lines and out-out-the-ordinary features, this open boat represents a remarkable turning point in yachting innovation, combining an appealing design with extraordinary performance and unparalleled comfort.

The shipyard’s roots lie in Greece, where the Biskinis Bros family has built a reputation of more than 50 years in the international market, building more than 25,000 boats. However, the shipyard’s new generation has decided to revolutionize the range of boats with the NEXT GENERATION line, marketed under the PROTAGON YACHTS brand. The establishment of this collaboration between the Greek Shipyard and Europe’s leading outboard company Selva Marine has resulted in the production of innovative, sleek, versatile and extremely sporty 20- and 25-foot boats.

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PROTAGON 20 – Design

The PROTAGON 20 by Selva Marine stands out from the other open boats we are used to with her magnificent and high-efficiency double-stepped hull, which redefines performance standards, delivering unbeatable stability, impressive handling, high performance and fuel economy.

Her eye-catching design features a very narrow and sporty hull, marked by a deep V even aft, which provides outstanding performance for a boat less than 6 meters long.

The layout of this PROTAGON 20 takes the day-cruiser experience to a new level, where modularity is at the heart of the design: the aft sundeck turns into an elegant dining table, and the easily accessible bathing platforms become the ideal place to prepare for water sports.

Safety is guaranteed by a black perimeter handrail that runs around the entire boat and adds not only an aesthetic touch, but also a supportive element that keeps passengers safe while underway. Access to the bow is also effortless, ensuring that every passenger can enjoy navigation untroubled.   

The deck of the PROTAGON 20 is designed to be versatile and comfortable, both when underway and at anchor. The aft couch can be customized in its configuration with L-shaped, central bench or U-shaped options, always providing guests with a fully-equipped relaxing area that can be used both as a sundeck and a dining space.

The helm station offers unparalleled comfort and perfect view both in standing and seating position; moreover, the windscreen angle reduces the wind effect while protecting the pilot in addition to the standard hard top.

The Ultraflex steeering system and the Selva 150 XSR engine with its new livery with a simpler design deliver outstanding performance and low fuel consumption.

Last but not least, the shipyard also offers the possibility to install a 12-inch chartplotter for more precise navigation. A push-button panel with pop-up buttons for added convenience is also provided.


PROTAGON 20 Sea Trial

It’s a sunny day on Lake Garda and I climb aboard the PROTAGON 20 with Carlo Selva, owner of Selva Marine, who accompanies me in testing this revolutionary open boat of less than 6 meters.

The boat is berthed alongside the quay in the harbour of Peschiera sul Garda; getting aboard is very easy from the port side broadside, then we cast off smoothly. The sun is very warm on the skin but some wind has come up rippling the surface of the lake.

Silvia Pretto boat testAfter recording the speed of the boat powered with the Selva 150 XSR outboard provided, I sit at the helm to test this new boat firsthand. As soon as I engage the forward gear I realize something: despite the small, steep waves of the lake this boat is stable and thanks to the front windshield I hardly feel any air on my face.

I throttle up more vigorously and PROTAGON 20’s response is instant: she gets up on plane at only 14 knots and in 3 seconds I am cruising at 30 knots…crazy for a 5.95-meter boat!

The feeling I get is that of a soft, stable and extremely responsive boat, surely thanks to the double-stepped hull, we are suspended on a air cushion that doesn’t make us hit the waves even at 42 knots, the maximum speed reached.

I slow down a little and, at around 30 knots, I put the PROTAGON 20 in trouble by turning sharply, and tightly, to one side and the other, but nothing, it is as if she were on rails… I can leave the helm for a few moments and she continues her trajectory precisely.

Truly unprecedented navigation, I was very surprised by this “little” boat by Selva Marine.

Selva outboard

Test Data


Speed in kn

Fuel Consumption in l/h

655 (min)

































5900 (max)



Technical Specs


8.10 m

Max Beam (inflated)

2.70 m

Max Height

1.33 m


Starting from 1900 kg

Passenger Capacity



Suzuki 250 HP outboard


Naumatec by Nuova Jolly Marine

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