Quick Gyro video
Quick Gyro video

Quick Gyro stabilizers: explanaroty video online


Quick Spa, international leader in the production of nautical equipment, has released online a series of videos explaining its Quick Gyro stabilizer.  In the five videos, presented directly by the company’s employees, the Quick Gyro’s functionality and performance are explained in detail: including its efficiency, the natural dissipation mechanism, easy installation board and minimal maintenance. The Quick Spa team highlights “the advantages that the machine has over its market competitors”.

quick gyro stabilizer video

The stabilizer’s slogan reads: “Quick Gyro: the coolest system” and is significant because, in addition to the special originality of the system, the product features a natural dissipation mechanism which, in the words of the guys and girls from the Quick Spa team – avoids the problems related to water exchange and oxidation, especially when you get back to the dock with your boat. Neither a vacuum nor a forced cooling system is necessary for a system to be efficient. The horizontal rotation axis allows the weight to be distributed over several bearings instead of just one. This leads to the increase of the flywheel size and to the decrease of the rotation speed, reducing the heat production. Avoiding the overheating of the Quick Gyro is a snap: it’s enough to install the unit in a space where the temperature does not exceed 55 °C / 131 °F.

As far as installation on board is concerned, the company explains that the operation “is extremely simple even in refitting. You just need to fix the gyro to the base integrated to the hull with a few screws (just 8 screws for the smaller sizes) and that’s it, fast and simple. No need to haul the boat because the Quick Gyro is extremely compact and passes easily through the hatches“. A really important pros.

With regard to the product’s operational functionality, the values indicated by the company indicate a more than adequate efficiency: “the Quick Gyro features an extremely high spool-up and spool-down speed. It reaches 100% of the RPMs needed for stabilization in just 25 minutes, however you can already feel its stabilizing effects in less than 20 minutes, when it reaches 80% of RPMs.

quick gyroLast but not least, maintenance. The product requires very little effort: ” ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities can be performed on board without disassembling the stabilizer. This is possible for two reasons. The first is that all the critical components that need extraordinary maintenance do not operate in a vacuum-sealed enclosure and are located in easily inspectable positions. The second is the lack of a water-cooling system which requires regular care and makes the maintenance activities more critical”.

Another important factor, as well as one among the main reasons why you should choose a Quick Gyro, is the support provided by Quick dealers and service centres around the world.

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