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Quick Gyro: why it is the most popular stabilizer of the market

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Paolo Berni, Sales Manager at Quick SpA, shows the main features of the Quick Gyro stabilizer

quick stabilizer Paolo Berni
Paolo Berni, Sales Manager at Quick Spa

Quick,global leader in the production of nautical equipment, produces a gyroscopic stabilizer that, thanks to its innovative technology and extraordinary efficiency, is rapidly conquering the international market. But why is the Quick Gyro stabilizer so appreciated among boat owners all over the world? We asked Paolo Berni, Sales Manager at Quick Spa.

We know that Quick stabilizer is the only one to rotate on a horizontal axis. But what makes it absolutely unique on the market?

” Thank you very much for this question since it gives me the possibility to thank our engineers once again. When Quick began to approach this type of product and this particular market segment, we carefully verified the offer in order to understand which products already existed and the technologies used which, until recently, were always the same. Our engineers have radically overturned the existing concepts, designing a product based on the gyroscopic principle, as well as on different components and technologies. As a result, our system stands out as a completely different product from those made so far. The horizontal axis is one of these differentiating elements and is certainly a topical aspect of our product, but it is not the only one. There is also natural dissipation: in fact, air cooling offers significant advantages both in the installation phase and in the use of the machine itself”.

quick-gyro-reliable-stabilityWhich are the characteristics that make the Quick stabilizer adaptable to a large number of boats?

Boats, like cars, all look the same but are actually different from each other, especially boats. Among the most important investments of our company, there is not only the fact that we have developed a product with a very particular and sophisticated technology. We have also created a very varied range of stabilizers, suitable for boats from 25 to 100 feet and over. This incredibly wide range gives the owner the possibility to choose the most suitable model according to the type and size of his boat”.

To what extent can a Quick Gyro stabilizer eliminate rolling compared with competitors?

” To eliminate the rolling phase is the main goal of this system. However, this is inevitably determined by some variables, such as sea conditions. Since the beginning of the development of our stabilizers, we have aimed to create a very high quality accessory and, today, we can say that the Quick stabilizer, in any external condition, manages to obtain the maximum result in terms of roll reduction. When the customer asks us for a system to reduce the roll, we define the identikit of the requested product in a professional way, or following a very specific procedure: first, we collect a series of data relating to the boat in question, then we supply them to our technical offices, who perform theoretical simulations with different types of products to decide which stabilizer is most suitable for that type of boat, based on its structural characteristics and behavior at sea”.

Why is it important to have a MC2-QUICK-GYROQuick Gyro stabilizer as a part of the boat standard equipment?

The stabilizer is an increasingly popular system. The reasons for this depend on the type of use of your boat, which can be pleasure or work. On work boats, the stabilizer has a safety function because, on this type of boats, people often put their own safety at risk and the stabilizer is able to significantly reduce these risks. Think for example of the pilot boats, where a man has to get from the pilot aboard a ship, while both are in motion, perhaps with very rough sea. In this case, a stabilization system is extremely useful in terms of protection. On pleasure boats, instead, the main focus is on comfort, which however is by no means a secondary aspect, because we all know, for example, that seasickness is very widespread; therefore having a boat that allows you to enjoy the sea without suffering it is an undoubtedly positive factor”.

Which are the markets that most require stabilizers?

” Due to the type of product and the market segment which it belongs to, Quick works much more frequently with pleasure boats manufacturers. Yachts represent our main market but we also have many references in the segment of work boats, too. Furthermore, with the X2 model and the DC range, we cover the market of smaller recreational and fishing boats. Sports fishing is particularly popular in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan and we are also achieving important results in this large slice of the market“.

Mc2-X7 stabilizer testHow important is the refit market for you?

It’s absolutely fundamental. For all the accessories that are introduced as a novelty within a market, there is always a phase where it is necessary to identify the potential buyer of that type of product. When we debuted with our range of stabilizers, many boat owners thought a stabilizer might be a good option for them. We are therefore talking about existing boats, whose owners want to understand if it is possible to install a stabilizer afterwards. This market segment is very large, the demand is equally important and we are working hard to find suitable solutions. The product is the same but installing a stabilizer on a finished boat can be a bit more complicated than installing it during the construction phase of the boat itself. Our stabilizers are designed to be partially disassembled by our technicians and then easily introduced even inside boats where accesses are rather difficult. We have registered a very important increase in the refit market: this year, in America, we have reached a +20% growth compared with 2019. The increase in our sales, especially on the American market, depends on two factors: the first is linked to the popularity of our product, which is growing strongly, having been introduced rathere recently; the second results from the fact that, in America, there is a much higher number of boats than on other countries. But Quick stabilizers are distributed all over the world and guaranteed by our service network, which is the largest and most widespread in the world”.

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