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The 23th edition of one of most charming Mediterranean offshore regatta will take place next 10 April. We are talking about “Rome for one, two people, anybody. 530 miles in a season where the Tyrrhenian Sea offers all its shades, from the most irritating calms to the most intense storms. The departure point is Riva di Traiano until the island of Lipari and then retun. Among the possibilities: for two people, reserved to couples, for everybody, with crew, and for only one person, if you sail alone. There is also the possibility of a shorter route until Ventotene and return.


The competition, which belongs to the Italian Offshore Championship at the third level of difficulty, the maximum for the circuit, has been presented to sailors and journalists this morning in Rome.

And the style of the presentation has contributed to trasmit much of the spirit of this regatta.

The president of the sailing club of Riva di Traiano, Alessandro Farassino, greeted the guests and he chose to start the meeting with the words of Alessandro Fiordiponti, a sailorman who died last December at the island of Giglio, a friend to many and a big fan of the event. Interviewed immediately after the arrival of “A Rome for anybody”, Alessandro explained in a very simple way that above technical aspects, strain and emotions the sea can offer, what had impressed him the most was the spirit of friendhisp and solidarity of the competition.

His words have created a sort of long track along the which all the convoy of the event has travelled. Because this regatta not only exalts competition and solidarity for its technical and organisational difficulties but it also has become the expression of a great organisational skill and professionalism like in other countries, where sailing receives more attention than in Italy.

The rules, the equipments required, the assistance, the courses, including that one for the sleep management conceived for alone sailors, compose the frame of this event where the main point is safety.

The regatta is also very charming. It’s not by chance that there were a lot of people at the presentation and even sailors like Matteo Miceli, a regular participant and one of the inventors of the formula Rome for One single person, or Andrea Mura, who will partecipate with his 50′ boat Vento di Sardegna, a real new beginning after the deception for the renouncement to Vendee Globe, Pasquale De Gregorio, who has spoken by phone, and tens of more or less famous sailors and yachtsmen.

The presentation has been also the occasion to attend to a kicker. When Pasquale De Gregorio declared by phone that he was selling his boat to decidate himself to gardening, Andrea Mura, already registered at Rome for only one person, upset the cards on the table and he said to his friend: ” If you come with me, we’ll sail together”. “Is it a joke?”-asked De Gregorio. ” No, I’m serious, if you come, we’ll sail together”.

Even Andrea Pendibene, of the Italian Navy, and Stefano Chiarotti, the Italian offshore champion, will participate.

But it has only just begun, enrolments have started these days and the Nautical Club of Riva di Traiano has begun his work.

Boatanboats.com, media partner of “Rome for…” , will follow the competition. We’ll tell you the event through the facts and events that during these 22 years have been transformed the regatta from the idea of a group of friends to one of the most beautiful regattas of the Mediterranean Sea.

For further information, enrolments and annoucements, please visit: romaper2.tuttobarche.it/

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