Sacs Tecnorib: at the Boot Düsseldorf with PIRELLI 30 and Rebel 47

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Sacs Tecnorib closed the year with extremely positive results that marked the success of the integration of Sacs and Tecnorib and therefore the launch of a new entity that is a world leader in the luxury maxirib segment. The new group was capable of standing out at the latest Düsseldorf Boat Show, considered as the ideal stage to draw the first conclusions of this new adventure.

This integration operation enabled the two companies to strongly enter in a competitive market thanks to several industrial synergies with reference to production sites, design, procurement and production processes, as well as the research and development area, without denaturing the two brands, for which the respective sales networks were kept separate, thus allowing the strength and identity of each entity to be preserved.

Numbers speak for Gianni-De-Bonis-CEO-Sacs-Tecnorib themselves, with growing revenues with sales at the end of 2022 of 46.3 million euros, a 21.6% increase over the sum of the sales of the two separate companies in the previous year. Moreover, further growth of approx. 24% is expected for 2023, with a turnover target of € 57.5 M.

When we completed the integration at the end of 2021, we had some doubts but high expectations. One year since the operation, I can say without fear of contradiction that it was a winning idea – says Sacs Tecnorib CEO Gianni De BonisBy being able to take advantage of all the related economies of scope, we were able to exploit the particularly positive market context in 2022, in a pro-active and not passive manner, increasing production to meet growing market demand. This resulted in an increase in turnover and profitability and job growth in the area that hosts us”.

The new group’s ambitions do not stop there, as also confirmed by the investment plan that for the next 24 months envisages a substantial expansion of the Roncello production area dedicated to boats over 42 feet. This way, the company aims to consolidate its leading position in this specific sector and expand its presence internationally.

Pirelli-30-Sacs-Tecnorib-Dusseldorf Sacs Tecnorib has also unveiled the new product mix that will consist of three distinct product lines to cover the different needs of the respective market segments (Maxi Rib and medium-sized boats). The first is the PIRELLI-branded speedboats, designed by Ted Mannerfelt and characterized by a walkaround layout that combines performance, design and on-board comfort. The Rebel collection, on the other hand, is designed by Christian Grande and features a unique design and great on-board comfort. Finally, the Sacs Strider line consists of Maxi Ribs with a modern, aggressive and bespoke design, ideal as both a maxi tender and a day cruiser thanks to the perfect mix of speed and safety.

So what better occasion than the Düsseldorf Boat Show to unveil two new models: the PIRELLI 30, a daycruiser available in two configurations, and the restyling of the Rebel 47, a luxury cruiser with a modern design and major innovations such as a carbon fibre hard top, a new windscreen, reduced thickness of the D tubulars and a new range of metallic paint finishes.

The PIRELLI 30 is the new entry in the PIRELLI-branded walkaround Pirelli Speedboats line, created by Swedish Mannerfelt Design Team and available in two different bow configurations: one offers a complete walkaround for enjoying social activities on board, and the other that takes up the Mediterranean tradition of using the bow as a sundeck.

The new Rebel rebel 47 47, which we had the opportunity to test in world preview just a few days before the boat show, is the natural evolution of the iconic model launched in 2017 which met with an exceptional market response, more than 60 units delivered in the last five years: a line that stands out for a unique design, strong personality and high performance in all sea conditions thanks to the implementation of highly sophisticated technologies. This new version is a luxury cruiser with a modern design and specially tapered foam profile that renders the external layout sinuous and elegant.

The hard top is another important innovation. In carbon fibre, it is fully remodelled to lighten the entire structure and further lower the centre of gravity to increase stability. What’s more, the new windshield with large, rounded shapes guarantee maximum visibility from the helm station, a reduced beam to fall within the 4-metre width and a new range of metallic paints.

If this is the present of Sacs Tecnorib, the future is already knocking at the door. All we have to do is wait and find out what this 2023 will bring.

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