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The lab-boat of has just sailed off from Marina di Varazze for a one-month-cruise and test experience. We’ve got lots of miles and a real test of many accessories and equipments planned. Few words, thus, but many facts and numbers for a test aiming to analyse the real performance of products.

Barca della redazione in partenza

Our preparation and equipment check lasted almost twenty days, during which we were supported by two very experienced local companies, Delta Boat Care and Tech Service, we want to thank because, in addition to be very professional, they were available, cheap and fast, really precious qualities for shipowners (who, of course, don’t want to waste a single minute).IMG_9118

The list of the products to be tested in the next few weeks is long: we’ll start from Selva Marine 270 VIB, a small and light tender with pneumatic dunnage and keel, pushed by the new Torqueedo 503 provided with a folding solar cell. So, zero consumption, zero pollution, zero noise.

A massive participation to our test-cruise comes from Raymarine: we’ll start from Ocean Scout TK, a small and cheap marine thermal camera produced by Flir to continue with the seven-inch-multifunction display provided with Lighthouse II R17 software, the weather App Grib View and EV 200,  an autopilot equipped with the relative p70 unit.

IMG-20160723-WA0007Wide the amount of accessories provided by Forniture Nautiche Italiane, very useful and rare tools we’ll reveal later.

We’ll be assisted by Easy Harbor, the famous App conceived to find free berths and a flexible Solbian solar cell (210 w) which will provide us with a wonderful energy surplus.

During our cruise, we’ll visit a lot of harbours and we’ll stay at anchor in many roadsteads of the Western Mediterranean Sea. We’ll tell you the conditions of marinas in August and we’ll update our pilot book that, we remember, is the biggest one of the Mediterranean, the only one which includes all anchorages in the recorded locations, the ideal tool for your cruise.

So, this summer we’ll test a great amount of products practically.

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