sailing, motorboating and sea trials
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Sailing, motorboating and sea trials

The essence of the last issue of  The International Yachting Media Digest

Boating – the passion that unites us all – implies various possible opportunities. Sailing and motorboating are nothing more than a reflection of our taste or of the amount of time we have available.

That’s why I am not surprised when, interviewing modern boaters, I discover that the contamination between the two faces of boating is increasingly more widespread, more frequent and even easier.

Boaters. This is a very important aspect which we should focus on.

Modern boaters motorboatsare quite experienced, they read, keep themselves informed and fully tap on that inexhaustible source of information that is the Web.

And, above all, they read about sea trials because, I think it is right, they are the favourite reading of those who, going beyond glossy images and press releases, want to discover something more, driven by a desire for additional information and details.

That’s why our magazines devote so much energy in carrying out what we consider to be the most complete and comprehensive sea trials of the market. It is therefore no coincidence that they are the most widely read in the world.

sailboatsAfter all, when a journalist uses between 1,500 and 2,000 words to tell the sea trial of a boat , it means that he has thoroughly analyzed it.

But doing this job also means filling your eyes with beauty and your heart with emotions; that’s why, for the last issue of the year of The International Yachting Media Digest, we have considered opportune to quote in this editorial some among the most exciting sea trials of the last 12 months.

Without distinction between sailing and motor boating because, as mentioned above, they are just a reflection of our taste but both incomparably reflect our love for boating.


Our best sea trials

GS 80 CustomGS 80 Custom

Beautiful, sexy and impressive, the GS 80 Custom rises from a very talented Giovanni Ceccarelli, capable of tracing pure and outlined lines which are simultaneously soft and aggressive, sinuous and essential.

Link to GS 80 Custom Sea Trial



MCY 70Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 70

The new Monte Carlo yachts MCY 70 is a yacht endowed with a unique personality and very particular charm, much closer tho that of a superyacht than to a conventional flybridge’s one.

Link to Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 70 Sea Trial



Contest 67 CS Contest 67CS

Made in perfect Contest Yachts style, namely without skimping on materials, the Contest 67CS is the perfect example of how all sailboats should be built. At least those that are intended to really sail. It is sufficient to sail a few miles to see the huge difference.

Link to Contest 67 CS Sea Trial



Absolute Navetta 68Absolute Navetta 68

Testing the Absolute Navetta 48, we discovered a renovated attention to design and to the details, both interior and exterior, which further embellish this new model. An unequivocal sign of how the shipyard is aiming even higher.

Link to Absolute Navetta 68 Sea Trial



Magazzù MX-14 Magazzu MX-14 Classic

If there was a way to synthesize the quintessence of the beauty of a Maxi Rib, this would be undoubtedly be a shot of the Magazzù MX-14 Classic. The MX-14 is not a boat for everyone. Very popular among VIPs and celebrities, this yacht is designed for a few demanding and refined admirers of good living, or luxury lifestyle if you prefer, of which it perfectly embodies all characteristics

Link to Magazzù MX-14 Classic Sea Trial


Elan Impression 45.1Elan Impression 45.1

t is sufficient to get close to the Elan Impression 45.1 to see that the similarities with her predecessor are just confined to the name. In fact, it’s a completely new sailboat, significantly more modern and more seductive than previous models.

Link to Elan Impression 45.1 Sea Trial



Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CCPrince 38 CC

The Prince 38 CC that is waiting for us moored on the quay, dressed for the occasion in a captivating white and red livery, suggests her sporty and dynamic personality at first sight. This feeling becomes even more concrete when our eyes fall on the outboards which the boat is equipped with: two brand-new Mercury 450 R in a matching colour with the Rib’s one. The overall effect is breath-taking

Link to Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CC Sea Trial

Link to the last issue of The International Yachting Media Digest

Link to Tuttobarche App

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