SCANNER ENVY 1200 Cannes
SCANNER ENVY 1200 Cannes

ENVY 1200: Scanner Marine’s RIB conquers Cannes


Scanner Marine is bringing the scanner envy 1200class of the Rib ENVY 1200 to the Mediterranean at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021. And it is a world premiere for this day-cruiser, which is attracting considerable attention from the international public at the French festival, following its 201 premiere in Venice.

For the occasion, the ENVY 1200, designed by Donato Montemitro, and moored on the Pantiero pier, is fitted with two Volvo 430HP outboard (petrol) engines.

But the engine options to choose from also include inboard diesel and petrol versions, depending on requirements.

Seen in person, this walk-around clearly expresses the ease with which it can be experienced at sea. The boat as a whole is also characterized by the elegant class that is typical of all Scanner Marine inflatables.

SCANNER ENVY 1200 in Cannes

envy 1200Particularly noteworthy is the ample space available on deck, where passengers can move unhindered from stern to bow. Only three steps move break the continuity of the deck, positioned near the steering console. All the rest is a nautical living space for days at sea or a few days out. The deck makes extensive use of teak in a light colour, if you so choose, but customisation is also possible in other materials and colours.

The aft section of the Scanner ENVY 1200 accommodates a modular sundeck which can be easily transformed into a sofa with fold-down backrest in front of the table that closes into three stackable segments.

These modular conversions (which are easy to use) enhance the aesthetic beauty while facilitating manoeuvring and routine when sailing or at anchor.

The cockpit is protected by the fibreglass sides that do not, however, obscure the view of the sea.

On the contrary, the feeling is one of safety, also confirmed by the steel handrails, but you don’t feel the structural obstacle of the boat, which instead invites you to fully enjoy the marine environment.

The aft beach area is spacious and looks like a volume that extends well beyond the tubulars.

Perfect to stay at anchor

envy 1200 bowThe bow at its end is designed by Scanner Marine as the perfect place to drop the anchor.

Here, the owner’s feet continue to feel the teak on the palms and the space is equally free of obstacles.

There is easy access to both the windlass and the two mooring bollards to the port and starboard of the boat. The anchor has a special compartment where the chain is gathered up to the centre of the boat. On the foredeck, the sunbed cushions frame the porthole. This also acts as a hatchway and provides good light for the double bed below.

steering consoleThe bulwarks grow proportionally from the bow (where the handrails are two steel handles fixed to the sides of the deckhouse) to the stern.

This way the bulwarks define the very relaxed arch of the ENVY 1200.

The dark shiny cockpit, like the t-top that covers it, sees the design inspired by the sportiest automotive and the windscreen is fitted with a wiper.

There’s plenty of room on the dashboard for the instrumentation that’s included or to be added.

master cabin

The interiors of the ENVY 1200 on display in Cannes

There’s plenty of comfortenvy 1200 interiors below deck. The head features a separate shower and good headroom.

The washbasin is a white ceramic bowl topped by modern taps.

Everything is well lit by a natural light point on the deck. Many spaces and storage niches anticipate the large double bed.

ENVY 1200 is 12 metres long with a maximum beam of four.

The tubulars are in hypalon-neoprene/1670dtex. The maximum number of people that the Scanner Marine Rib can accommodate on board is 18.

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