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Scanner Marine, the five Envy conquer the Palma Boat Show

Scanner Marine is a shipyard that has never stopped keeping up with the times, intercepting new trends in RIBs and captivating thousands of people with its iconic inflatable boats, built with quality raw materials and great attention to onboard space, even on smaller models. This is why there were many people who visited the Italian boat builder’s booth at the Palma International Boat Show, which took place from April 25th to 28th in Palma de Mallorca and saw the participation of Scanner Marine with five exhibited boats, all from the Scanner Envy range.

Scanner Envy 1200

“For Scanner Marine, this was the twenty-sixth year of participation in the Palma International Boat Show – emphasizes Sabine Rooker, Scanner Marine’s representative for the Spanish market – It is now a well-established boat show, useful mainly for collecting contacts rather than for direct sales. Unfortunately, the two days of rain penalized the public, and that was a real shame. But we are still extremely satisfied to have enjoyed the important Mallorcan showcase.

Scanner Marine: the models exhibited at PIBS

The five RIB models exhibited by Scanner Marine at the Palma International Boat Show were all from the Envy line, which is the yard’s most sporty and elegant range, offering a perfect balance between maneuverability and safety.

  • Scanner Envy 860, a versatile open boat suitable for both day trips and summer cruises, as well as fishing and professional use.
  • Scanner Envy 950, slightly larger than the previous model, characterized by elegant and aggressive lines that certainly catch the eye when leaving the harbor.
  • Scanner Envy 1100, a RIB with carefully proportioned spaces, which make you feel aboard a significantly larger boat, where the central area features wide walkways with ample use of teak framing the entire length of the deck, allowing easy passage from the stern to the bow.
  • Scanner Envy 1100 T-TOP, which, unlike the previous hard-top model, allows for greater freshness and airflow while speeding on the water, especially during the hot summer months. In both cases, the 1100 is available in inboard or outboard versions.
  • Scanner Envy 1200, more manageable than the flagship 1400, yet offering more space than the previous 11-meter models.
Scanner Envy 1100
Scanner Envy 1100

In all cases, these are inflatable boats with a unique and unmistakable style, radically different from the standards of the RIB market, thanks to the design signed by the skilled hand of Scanner Marine’s founder, Donato Montemitro. The Scanner Envy models are day cruisers designed for days or weekends out at sea, providing fun means to easily enjoy the water without sacrificing comfort, luxury, and privacy. These are precisely the characteristics that continue to amaze boating enthusiasts, as confirmed at Palma de Mallorca.

For more information, please visit the dedicated Scanner Envy page on the Scanner Marine website.



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