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Selva 320 VIB and Selva Guppy 2.5 : a revolutionary tender-outboard duo. The test begins

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Selva 320 VIB tender and Selva Guppy 2.5 outboard : the durability test begins

Selva tender packageThis is year, too, our Daydreamer will leave her usual summer cruise. She will sail for over a month and the itinerary, as usual, will includes more than 1,000 nautical miles.

Special guests of our test will be the new Selva Guppy 2.5 HP outboard and the latest innovation in terms of inflatable keel tenders: the Selva 320 VIB.

Both products have just got our offices and our test begins with the analysis of the same and the opening of their packages.

The tender we find in Selva pack tenderfront of us seems to be a really excellent product: large in size, it is definitively suitable to be tested during a long journey.

The Selva Guppy outboard, instead, is small-sized, lightweight, handy and with interesting functions. With a weight of about 13 kg, it is probably the only real alternative to the Honda 2.3 HP, one among the most popular outboards of the market.

But, first of all, we must open the box and inflate the tender. We have therefore decided to focus on the packaging of the latter, opening it and analyzing its structural and aesthetic features as well as those of the accessories supplied. We therefore find an instruction manual, complete with warranty certificate and instructions for proper maintenance.

Selva 320 VIB

The unboxingSelva 320 VIB, bench of the Selva boat gives us many surprises. The box, indeed, so compact at first glance and well-ordered inside, keeps the Selva 3.20-meter tender which, once removed from the cellophane and unrolled, gives the impression of being larger than the declared size.

Remeasuring it, we confirm the 3.20 meters even if the tender gives the real feeling of being much more spacious.

Width and tubular diameter are both equally excellent, with 153.5 cm and 42.5 cm respectively.

Selva 320 VIBThe floor area measures 1.41 Selva 320 VIB hullsquare meters and guarantees a good circulation on board.

The accessories and features we find in the box undoubtedly represent the added value of this really complete product.

Inside the box, indeed, there are a very convenient manometer, a watertight container with a complete repair kit, a valve wrench, two paddles, a comfortable transversal bench, a carrying bag with straps and a manual inflator to inflate (also high pressure) and deflate the tender when necessary.

After placing the Selva 320 VIB deflatedtender on the ground, we are finally able to inflate it. The boat has 5 air chambers in total, three of which are positioned in the tubulars while the other two are dedicated to the inflatable hull, which is therefore separate.

We take about ten minutes to inflate the Selva 320 VIB that, now, shows all her details. Handrails are sturdy and the fender profile envelops and protects the whole boat.

In addition to the above-mentioned transversal bench, there is also a fastening strap that allows to secure anchor, tank, bags or whatever is on board.

Selva 320 VIB bagThis model, too, is equipped with two inflatable flaps that, positioned aft, not only get the boat on place easily but also guarantee easy boarding.

Remarkable is the maximum power that can be installed on board through a 15HP outboard that, thanks to the inflatable V-hull, makes the tender plane in total safety.

Moreover, the Selva 320 VIB is equipped with a bag in which, thanks to some choke belts, it can be stored easily after use.

The weight of 30.5 kg places Selva 320 VIB, manometerit definitely in the light tender market segment and, thanks to carrying belts, it can be easily transported by one or two people.

We are therefore faced with a product that, due to its features and standard accessories, is positioned at the top end of the market despite a decidedly competitive price.

 Selva Guppy 2.5

Selva Guppy 2.5The Selva Guppy 2.5 HP outboard offers many functions that make it a really interesting product. It is, indeed, lightweight and, with a weight of just 13.5 kg, we had no problem in handling it.

With a power of 2.5 hp, this outboard is a classic four-stroke single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 87 cubic centimeters.

Equipped with a built-in fuel tank of almost a liter of capacity, it has a convenient switch-off button and the emergency switch positioned at the end of the bar.

Remarkable is the gearboxSelva Guppy 2.5 test which, equipped with forward and neutral gear, eliminates the presence of the automatic clutch, which usually equips the small outboards of other brands, and which is very dangerous when the engine is started.

The propeller is three-bladed and the knob throttle has a stop wheel to lock the gas at the desired speed.

All these functions not only facilitate the use of this engine and also improve safety.

The value for money of the Selva Guppy 2.5 makes this outboard really interesting.

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