Selva Marine at Genoa International Boat Show
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Selva Marine has joined the Genoa International Boat Show with three new outboards outputting from 6 up to 9.9 horsepower: the Oyster 6, the Black Bass 8 and the Piranha 9.9.

All three outboards share an interesting novelty introduced by the Sondrio-based company, that is the presence of an embedded battery and an incorporated ignition key.

Selva Marine GenovaThe advantage is clear. The built-in battery indeed results into minimal encumbrance and greater safety, especially if we consider that the presence of a key prevents other forms of manual ignition. That’s an advantage of general nature that is, however, multiplied in the case of tenders, where external battery would inevitably complicate life within the narrow spaces of a service boat, with many problems even in terms of holding and safety.

Petrol-fuelled and with electronic ignition system, all three outboards are four-stroke engines with OHC structure. The Oyster 6 delivers a power of 4.4 kw, while the Black Bass 8 and the Piranha 9.9 output 5.9 and 7.3 kw respectively. They are all water-cooled with pump-forced circulation. Displacement is equal to 135 cc for the Oyster, 165 cc for the Back Bass and 181 for the Piranha.

Bar is equipped with twist grip throttle control and steering friction adjustment while the standard propeller is 3-bladed with built-in spring drive and silent block system.

Dry weight is about 30 Kg for the Oyster and the Black Bass, 32 kg for the Piranha. We are therefore dealing with very compact light outboards. Engine shaft is available in short, long and extra-long size.

Prices vary according to the different type of shaft and tank selected and range from € 1,319 to € 2,269 for the Oyster, from € 1,379 to € 2,349 for the Black bass and from € 1,699 to € 2,389 for the Piranha, VAT included.

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