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Influences and intrusions carried out by large industrial groups in fields different from their own don’t come as a surprise. Especially today, many leading companies constantly try to diversity their activities drawing from complementary sectors and taking industrial routes which are parallel to the parent company’s ones. From this perspective, car manufacturers have started moving towards boat industry as a complementary sector: after tall, we’re always talking about engines. And results are often absolutely extraordinary, such as the Aston Martin 37 presented at the last Miami Boat Show. Yet, with the Arrow 460 Granturismo yacht, Mercedes has even gone further in conceptual terms.

Silver Arrows Marine Yacht 460 Granturismo MercedesLaunched last year by Silver Arrows Marine, a society specifically created for that purpose, the yacht is not only a boat with a brand mark: it represents a concept, the imposition of Mercedes aesthetical and technological style in boat industry. Just to be clear: if equipped with wheels, instead of sliding on water, nobody would be surprised of that. The genesis of the Arrow 460 Granturismo is quite complex and originates from a synergy between different business realities (all linked to both automotive ad boat industries), from the contribution of important naval architects such as Tommaso Spadolini and Martin Francis and the coordination of Mercedes-Benz Style, the society which exports Mercedes style in fields like aeronautics, design objects and much more. The result is something really new and unconventional.

The external lines of the Arrow 460 Granturismo stretch to the stern from a sharp bow which, like a bonnet, meets the deckhouse equipped, in its turn, with large side arched windows and a curved fore windscreen.

Silver Arrows Marine Yacht 460 Granturismo Mercedes poppa

The short stern and the silver livery are reminiscent of the successful Mercedes Coupe style. But, of course, that’s not all. The search for a type of comfort similar to that offered by Mercedes flagship racing cars gives no way to “nautical” compromises and starts from materials. Decking, for example, consists of single sheets of Esthec, an innovative composite material alternative to wood.

Inspired by the aeronautic world, windows are an essential element on this yacht and the luminous transmittance of glazing can be controlled electronically. Upholstery, panels, eucalyptus wood flooring, blue nabuk and Foglizzo leather elements reproduce the luxury interiors of exclusive cars.

Silver Arrows Marine Yacht 460 Granturismo Mercedes cruscotto

The whole life on board develops from the amazing inner loft, a convertible open space which can be easily transformed into a sleeping quarter or a comfortable living zone thanks to an electronic control system.

Side seats and the enveloping fore sofa can accommodate up to 10 people in a large unobstructed area but, when necessary, a crystal table can appear in the middle, converting it into a lunch zone.

Silver Arrows Marine Yacht 460 Granturismo Mercedes interniOr, if you prefer, the table can disappear and be replaced by a large central plan which transforms the sofa into a large bed with high sides and the entire loft into a wonderful master cabin equipped with led lightning. Furthermore, the two side windows ( 3 m x 0.75 cm and 220 kg), are electronically retractable while the three sections of the windscreen can be raised thanks a hydraulic control system.

This way, interiors become an open space, overlooked by a “arbour” of advanced technology. Of course, all on-board systems and equipment are Wi-Fi connected and can be controlled by tablet. Exteriors, too, are “convertible”: a swimming platform, in fact, comes out of the lower astern section bringing the overall area to 9 square metres.

Like luxury cars, the Arrow 460 Granturismo, too, has a power-assist steering system which makes this yacht “accessible” even to a newly minted yachtsman. The “twin disc express” joystick allows easy maneuvering in all directions while the electronic transmission system ensures a very fast full reverse with no mechanical stress. It’s a sort of marine ABS, useful in case of emergency stop.

Silver Arrows Marine Yacht 460 Granturismo Mercedes interni

Meanwhile, the Arrow 460 Granturismo is getting ready for many spring and summer events where guests can discover her personality and philosophy.

Events start from the Monaco Gran Prix at the end of May and continue with Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Yachting Festival and Montecarlo Boat Show.

As for price, 2.5 million euros (taxes excluded) are not certainly peanuts. However, they are justified by the extraordinary design and technological effort hidden behind this amazing yacht.

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