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Solé Diesel: professional engines seduce yachtsmen

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Marine diesel engines, marine generators, installation kits, engine shafts, propellers, electric systems… The list is even longer but, maybe, we’ve already made the idea. Solé Diesel is a company where “multitasking” is the main priority, specialized in the manufacturing of boat mechanic parts.

motore Solé DieselBoasting more than 100 years of experience, the company has been manufacturing marine motors and accessories for almost 70 years. All products are entirely manufactured in Barcelona and traded by a network of 390 dealers in five different continents. A Solé Diesel engine can therefore be sent from Spain to Wellington, Vancouver, Madagascar or even Indonesia. In Italy, engines are traded by Selva Marine.

Motors are all diesel inboards, with Mitsubishi, Nissan, Deutz and VM bases.

The range currently includes 20 marine and working models, from 16 up to 280 hp. All products are specially designed to deliver the best performance on small fishing boats, gozzi and sailboats, including sail drive models.

Amongst the numerous options available, the manufacturer recommends the Mitsubishi Mini 40 T Turbo, specifically developed from the 55 Turbo. Suitable for small boats for which boating license is not required, it delivers the best power/weight ratio.

In accordance with the traditional desire to suit different needs, the company had developed additional versions, equipped with mechanic Technodrive, hydraulic TM-345 A or TMC 60 inverter.

sdz 280 solé diesel
Solé Diesel sdz 280 engine

Of special note is the SDZ-280 model, a 6-cylinder engine equipped with intercooler, hydraulic shaft and mechanically-controlled fuel injection system to guarantee reliability and easy maintenance.

On the contrary, the Mini 40 T Turbo is suitable for more professional boats, including catamarans and small fishing boats.

Solé Diesel generatore e motoreAs already mentioned above, Solé Diesel doesn’t just manufacture marine engines. An important part of its production indeed includes marine generators, ranging from 3.5 to 90 kW. The whole line meets the latest requirements about emissions regulations, by guaranteeing compact size, reduced noise level and high reliability. Data monitoring, of course, can be interfaced with Solé Diesel displays.

The company goes on promoting its philosophy: to produce innovation and improvements by paying special attention to customers’ needs. The final objective is to enable sailors from all around the world to find Solé Diesel products easily and improve their own sailing experience. Judging from the wide range of products and large sales network of the company, this doesn’t seem an utopia.

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  1. I appreciate you noting that the entire line complies with the most recent emission rules by ensuring small size, low noise level, and great dependability. The engine of my grandfather’s nautical vessel is damaged. I will assist him in locating replacement marine engines.

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