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She caught our attention last week in Miami, where we photographed her. Featuring a very sporty style and lines clearly inspired by automotive industry, she certainly shows luxury and not exactly sober details.

We’re talking about Alpha, a luxury open yacht which, according to her builders, promises to be the fastest yacht in the world thanks to her capacity to reach a maximum speed of 80 knots, that is 148 km/h on the water.

11.71 metres long, the yacht was built by SV Yachts, a shipyard founded in 2015 by two young American businessmen, Nikolai Sass and Mauricio Antonio Velez (the first is a designer while the other is a naval engineer), in Miami.

sv yachts alpha

The ambitious goal of the two designers was to create a very powerful, luxury and user-friendly boat. On the aesthetical level, on the contrary, they desired to combine the classical European and Americans boats’ beauty and soul with the typical materials, project and construction solutions of modern yachts following the automotive style of the ’60s.

In terms of power, the target has probably been completely achieved. Fitted with 2 x 700 SCI (Mercury Racing) engines, Alpha can reach 80 knots. According to builders, this is the highest speed never reached by a luxury yacht.

However, this powerful boat preserves its cruising soul in a perfect combination between comfort and performances. For example, the hull has a very deep V and a very open dead rise in order to ensure the greatest reduction in the amount of surface exposed to water. Meanwhile, an excellent shape holding allows to reduce rolling in the anchorage where guests can bathe thanks to a fair-sized astern swimming platform.

Engine insulation is guaranteed by a series of openings in perfect racing car style which open when engines are started.

SV Yachts Alpha Miami Boat Show poppa

A quick Internet research shows how Alpha seems to have conquered the speed record among luxury yachts previously held by the Millennium 140 (42 m long, 70 knots) until yesterday.

However, the absolute record is still held by Phenomenon, a 17-metre open built in 2010 which, fitted with a 12000 Hp engine, flies at 350 km/h.

If you are interested into this boat, we can say that it costs about 800 thousand dollars turnkey.

At the moment, Alpha is distributed in the USA but, according to Antonio Velez, one of the two designers, she will be shortly available in Europe and Middle East.


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