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The predecessor is Swift Trawler, sold since 2009 in 350 samples and one of the big long-seller boats of the French shipbuilder. The phylosophy is always the same: semi-planing hull, low consumption, reduced speed and the possibility of long crossings. Here, the size is small and the targets on the market are the couples (maybe retired people) who want to give vent to their desire of sailing or families. Compared with its predecessor, Bénéteau has guaranteed it, it has little of a sailing boat: the customer who chooses loves motorboats but he doesn’t want the common small family fly boat.

The Italian design by Andreani Studio is evident, in both interiors and exteriors. First of all the glass wall (the frontal structure doesn’t have any fiberglass elements bu only aluminium elements, which reduces weight and vibrations) reminds the bigger new generation shuttles. The shipbuilder has already sold 50 samples of Swift Trawel 30 and a production line has been prepared in USA.

The deck

One of the main innovations is the astern mirror which can be open entirely; a good idea which converts the cockpit and the fore dashboard in a unique seven-square-metre-surface just before the inner dinette; the asymmetrical plant has a larger and more protected gangway on the right, while the topside has a lateral opening to both the pilot IMG_2813hosue and the open-air area. All in all, circulation has been conceived well. The stepladder leading to the fly has tIMG_2824wo possible positions: whe you don’t need it, you can put it vertically near the deckhouse, with a consequent larger room in the cockpit when you need it.


The flybridge has a good amount of walkable floor. The pilot house is a little small but, around the very small table, there are six seats anyway. This “second floor”, evenf if it isn’t a wonderful flybridge, is an additional circulation space and the right solution so that the boat never seems full. The fore sunbathing platform is large and high enough.


On the deck level, there are the steering gear, a linear kitchen on the left and a dinette/lunch table on the right, like on the previoIMG_2868us 34 model. The news is represented by the stools which “disappear” under the sofa but which offer five seats. Countless small lockers are everywhere and they are one of the main strong points of this boat.

On the lower deck, there is a fore cabin and a bathroom, divided in two parts, with a shower on the left, a wc and a washbasin on the right. There is also a second configuration with a second cabin equipped with two overlapping beds on the left (in this case, there isn’t the separated shower). This solution, possible thanks to the choice of an asymmetric deckhouse which frees more volumes on a side, is not particularly appreciated (only 30% of customers) and it is useful only for families with children, since sizes are very at the limit.IMG_2877

The fore cabin is on the contrary big and comfortable, provided with many small lockers.

Don’t forget that even the dinette sofa becomes a second berth: the lunch table, in fact, can be moved in the cockpit and the transformation is very fast. Finally, the bathroom: its division is intelligent and very functional.


Our sea trial

Only one 370 linear transmission engine. Impossibile to ask anything more traditional, reliable and quiet. Swift Trawler is the family boat par excellence, even in terms of power and performances. Cheap price, easy maintenance, calm performances. The only one engine seems to satisfy most of shipowners but the possibility of an auxiliary FB engine is under study.

We tested it in Palma di Maiorca and, despite the hard weather and sea conditions we met ( a two-metre-wave and a wind blowing up to 35 knots), its performances were excellent. First of all, very few vibrations. We could sail at 14 knots with a plesant sense of safety and no disturbing noise, which is really rare on a 10-metre-boat and at those conditions. So, a reassuring boat.

Seen the conditions, we avoided to reach the potential maximum speed of 25 knots but we almost reached 22 knots and a cruising speed of 15.

The boat is stable, especially thanks to its lond keel running under the hull, and the helm allows to work very well.

Consomption is low: about 35 litres/hour, good for a family man.

Mooring in the harbour? With a 30-knot-wind? No problem! like a mega yacht, Swift Trawler is provided with a fore and an astern propeller. The second one costs 4,000 Euros, while the first one is standard.

So, a very good solution!



Swift Trawler 30 – Technical File

Overall Length 9.99 m
Max Beam 3.53 m
Empty weight 6,000 kg

Draught 1.o5 m
Engines of the test: 1 x Volvo Penta D6 370 HP , diesel
Other engines: 1 x Volvo Penta D4 300 HP, diesel
Fuel Tank 720 l
Water Tank 2 x 150 l
Sewage Tank 95 l
People capacity 8
CE category B
Design Andreani Design
Project Bénéteau – MICAD
Basic Price: Euros 177.100 VAT excluded (with 1 x Volvo Penta 370 HP)
Contacts: www.beneteau.com/it

Swift Trawler 30 – Numbers

revol/min speed (knots)  Consumption


600 1,9 1,1 62
1000 4,9 3,4 63
1500 7,1 7,9 68
2000 9,2 19,7 69
2500 11,5 34,3 73
3000 18,2 49,3 76
3550 21,4  71,9 79

Sea trial conditions: rough sea, 4 people, fuel tank 90%, water tank 100%. Minimum planing speed: 13 knots, planing time: 10” – time to reach maximum speed: 19”




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