Tecnitrail custom boat trailers
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A boat trailer, like those built by Tecnitrail  since 1977, not only makes the boat “terrestrial” and easily transportable from place to place if towed by a car but it also offers other two important advantages. First of all, once you’ve arrived in the place where you want to sail, it allows to put your boat on water autonomously; then, it transforms itself from a transport tool into an operating machinery. Thanks to its rolls and winch, it allows for beaching and launch. This way, the satisfied yachtsman can avoid the crane intervention.

Carrello Tecitrail 2000ner
“The second advantage for those using a boat trailer”, explains Paolo Padovan, Executive Director at the company of Vercelli , “is that they can leave their boat aground directly on the trailer itself, in winter. They don’t need a shipyard: any space is perfect, even a backyard”.

Tecnitrail carrelli custom per barche Arkos
A Tecnitrail trailer custom-made for Arkos

But, unlike what happens in America, European shipyards don’t sell boats directly provided with a trailer. Consequently, the choice comes at a later stage. And there are some points that must be taken into account. First of all, the rules of law.

Padovan explains: ” Those who purchase an American boat often don’t have a trailer approved for European roads. Thus, they need a means which suits both the boat’s shapes and the local highway code“. The latter includes an essential rule: the load towed can’t exceed the weight of the towing car. Moreover, B driving license holders have to respect another rule: the maximum mass allowed (car + boat) is 3.5 tons. This means that the trailer weight shall be subtracted from the towable mass.

” Our attention to weight reduction involves both the use of the best galvanized steels and the customization of our model according to a specific boat. Because we choose only what is really necessary for that boat by avoiding any useless weight. Just to be clear, a trailer approved for a load up to 3.5 tons (which can be used by B and E driving license holders) weights 650 kg instead of the 1,500 of other competitors’ ones“, while featuring important details, such as a mudguard with impact shields and rubber rain flaps.

Tecnitrail carrelli barche rulli carena
The picture shows the perfect matching between the roll and the bottom


But it’s not just about weight. Some  categories of yachtsmen have particular needs. For example, sailors and fishermen often need to take equipment with them. Technitrail allows them to have trailers perfectly suited to their needs, provided with storage areas to accomodate fishing rods, tool-kits, sails, boom, sheets and fins. An additional compartment where to stow anything that can be useful while sailing, from tool-kit to spare parts, is a good solution for everyone.

Moreover, there’s another aspect that must be taken into account. The trailer depreciates very little over time. “Our price list ranges from 1,000 to 5,000  euros according to the different models and customization options – says the Piedmontese businessman – It is difficult for a used 10-year trailer to be worth less than 80% of a new one”. Tecnitrail offers a wide range of products, from car and moto trailers to cargo beds, vans and even mobile home trailers. Boat trailers represent about 70% of its turnover because the company is very appreciated also by professional nautical operators, especially for its self-propelled and towable trailers approved for shipyards. Customization is, even in this case, essential: the company, in fact, can also produce trailers for internal use only, with no number plate or lights for boats up to 12 tons.

Tecnitrail parafango carrello con bordo anti urti e anti spruzzo
The mudguard features a rubber impact and rain shield




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