Tecnorib Pirelli 35 Venice Boat Show
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Pirelli 35 Venice Boat ShowIn the historic context of the Venice Boat Show, inside the exclusive Arsenale, Tecnorib presents the new walk-around Pirelli 35, which offers the typical performance of the well-known Pirelli RIBs without neglecting modern aesthetics. The Swedish team Mannerfelt Design Team, already renowned for having designed some of the most interesting concepts on the nautical scene, has once again outdone itself in designing the stylistic lines of this new model: lightness and strength, grace and masculinity come together perfectly in this 11-metre sterndrive boat.

I have already had the chance to test the Pirelli 35: the  clean-cut and modern double-stepped hull can surf the water driven by two 300HP Mercruisers smoothly and dryly. The two efficient hull steps ensure agile and exciting navigation as well as maximum safety, even in the tightest turns.

But one feature worthy of highlighting is the external livability, made possible by an in-depth study of the deck dimensions: unobstructed spaces, a generous sunbathing area at the bow with two side walkways protected by high topsides, complete with sturdy stainless steel handrails, an additional sunbathing area at the stern, with a two-position mobile backrest that can act as a backrest for the cockpit sofa.

Pirelli 35 Venice Boat ShowEach solution creates a living area that can be transformed into a very comfortable dining area which makes perfect use of all the furnishings: two sofas, a sturdy three-section table mounted on aluminium legs, side cabinets with fibreglass cover, stainless steel sink on one side, BBQ top or cooker on the other. And, of course, a large refrigerator with drawers! In short, everything you need to fully enjoy your daily outings at sea with your family or friends. The typical Pirelli style can be found even in the bow: a distinctive feature is the rubber surface with car tyre markings that covers the fibreglass bow fitting, the same as on the tubular inserts in the centre of the boat. The depth of the chain stow is excellent, while the Quick winch is mounted on a support and the anchor, when not in use, catches the eye, almost becoming a stylistic detail that breaks up the continuity of the bow lines.

Below deck, the Tecnorib Pirelli 35 offers a unique, bright and welcoming space: the light filters from the portholes and skylights, illuminating the white of the gelcoat and contrasting with the neutral tones of the furnishings and fabrics. At the bow, a double container bed, surrounded by shelves with soft lighting, occupies the entire surface. Practicality and refinement are also found below deck: a crystal glass sink with a designer tap stands out on the vanity unit, complete with various spaces for storing small items. At its side a cabinet with a flap cover hides the electric toilet: a solution that perfectly combines aesthetic and ergonomic requirements.

pirelli 35 at sea

tecnorib pirelli 35 under way

For technical enthusiasts, the engine room is surprising: the unusual dimensions are striking, especially the huge storage compartment that can be used for bulky equipment or for the installation of bulky devices such as the power generator, for example.

In conclusion, Tecnorib hits the mark once again with this versatile and elegant RIB, suitable for both exclusive marinas and excursions in the most inaccessible natural environments.


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