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For a boating enthusiast, visiting a shipyard is always a great experience. Then, if the shipyard in question is also the manufacturer of extraordinary boats sold all around the world, the effect is certainly amplified. We went to Bussero, some kilometres away from Milan, where Nuova Jolly Marine builds inflatable boats that are exported to the distant Australia. Teo Aiello, General Manager of the shipyard, welcomed us and, between his business calls, accepted to be interviewed.

L' NJ 700 in fase di prototipazione nel cantiere Nuova Jolly Marine
The NJ 700 under construction in the Nuova Jolly Marine production site

Nuova Jolly Marine was founded in 1961, in times of economic boom, when the ideas of Domenico Aiello led the company to establish itself as a leading brand in the international market of high-end inflatable boats.

From the first rib launched 56 years ago to the latest concepts, that we’ll be describing in preview today, 50 years of experience and hard work has successfully passed. Many faces joined the shipyard during these years and, now, Domenico, the current honorary chairman of the company, has handed over the reins to his sons, who have become the real beating heart of the company.

Ranging from 5 up to 13 metres, even during the recent crisis which affected the whole boat industry, Nuova Jolly inflatable boats have never betrayed the policy of the company, which has always focused on safety and high quality. Each model is tested in harsh conditions in order to guarantee reliable valuable boats for customers.

NJ 700 Nuova Jolly Marine
The prototype of the NJ700- step 2

A crucial role in this respect is played by Hi-Power hulls which offer a very deep V and excellent sturdiness thanks to the so-called fiberglass “Rowing Mat” construction technology with crossed arrangement. Furthermore, neoprene-hypalon tubes offer excellent UV and hydrocarbon resistance by increasing the longevity of the product.

Decades of experience have allowed Nuova Jolly Marine to produce a wide range of products sailing all around the world. To date, the company exports in three different continents: Europe, America and Oceania.

Meanwhile, Nuova Jolly Marine is ready for the upcoming international boat shows of Cannes, Genoa and Paris, where the most interesting novelties will be presented.

Il Prince 38 CC Open Nuova Jolly Marine
Nuova Jolly Marine Prince 38 CC Open

More specifically, the shipyard will land in Cannes and Genoa with the new Prince 33 Cabin and the Paris Boat Show (next December) with the latest NJ700 and the prototype of the Prince 38 SportCabin.

Detailed articles about both models will be published on our magazine in the next weeks so that you can enjoy an amazing preview before the upcoming events.

Teo Aiello is a practical person who normally prefers to let the others see his products; consequently, it was not difficult for our Editor in Chief Luca D’Ambrosio to convince him to give us an interview.


Teo Aiello con il nostro giornalista, Nico Caponetto
Teo Aiello with our journalist, Nico Caponetto

L: So, Teo, Nuova Jolly is experiencing a great quick growing. We’ve already had the opportunity to meet abroad, even overseas. Can you tell us in how many countries your ribs are present?

T: Nuova Jolly Marine is currently spread in three different continents since we’re in Europe, Australia and United States. The countries we cover with our production are over fifteen.

L: A great result. Nuova Jolly produces three different lines of ribs for a total of 23 models. Well, Teo, tell me, what are the differences between these lines and what is their target?

T: As you have already mentioned, Nuova Jolly has three product lines: the Prince Open, the Prince Cabin and the NJ line.

NJ line is the entry level in the world of Nuova Jolly Marine. It is devoted to anyone experiencing his first approach in boating and therefore needs a simple boat, with generous spaces on board and a reasonable amount of horsepower. Construction technology and materials are the same in all lines. What differs is just exterior design and the amount of standard accessories provided.

The Prince line is, on the contrary, devoted to a more experienced customer who actually knows what he is looking for. The line indeed offers additional equipment for experienced sailors.

Finally, the Prince Cabin line is designed to enjoy the sea on board, so to anyone dreaming a beach house who can finally find in a Prince Cabin rib all the amenities of a beautiful mansion. The boat is equipped with washbasin and burners, so it’s perfect for a nautical camping experience!

L: Your larger boats offer the opportunity to spend a night in a beautiful marina, too, don’t they?

T: Yes, they do, Our boats offer spacious volumes and you can spend the whole summer on board with no problem. Many customers of ours use their rib – usually the 35 Sport Cabin or the new 33 – as a beach home thanks to the high level of comfort they provide.

L: In Miami, we had the opportunity to test the Prince 38 powered by two Mercury 300 Hp engines and we had a lot of fun. To tell the truth, we tested the Prince 30, too, that was our chase boat on that occasion. Both models impressed us for their ability to combine great performances with seaworthiness, which are two essential prerequisites for both European and American Market. What’s the secret of these hulls?

T: Well, the hulls of the Prince line are specifically designed to offer the best comfort on board. They also offer excellent performances in terms of speed but this is not the “must” for a hull of a Prince boat. The “must” is, in fact, comfort. The boat must be able to sail at cruising speed by offering the greatest sensation of safety and comfort.

The key element in the Prince line lies in the hull angles. All Prince hulls feature a similar design, with an aft angle of 25 degrees or more and a bow angle that ranges between 55 and 60 degrees according to the different models.

These are the key features that enable Prince boats to offer the greatest levels of comfort and safety even when sailing in rough sea.

L: September and the season of boat shows are coming. What about your novelties?

T: The new creation we’ll exhibit at the boat shows in September will certainly be the Prince 33 Cabin. I don’t know whether the NJ700, a new model on which we’re working these days, will be ready for that time.

L: Grant me the last question. As you know from experience, The International Yachting Media is well-known because it tests what shipyards promise through real sea trials. Which sea trials can we promise to our readers?

T: In the near future, we’ll be able to test the Prince 33 SportCabin, the Prince 25 and the Prince 43.

L: So, Teo, thank you very much for your precious kindness and collaboration and see you soon in the place we love, that is the sea.

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