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On Test. Capelli Tempest 38 and Yamaha 350hp outboard

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Started in the first decade of the 21st century, the eracapelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-1 of giant RIBs is finally over and, now, it’s time for boatyards to build models where size is not the major priority. Even in the case of big boats – like the Capelli 38-foot Tempest that we put on test in Andora, Italy – fitted with powerful engines – in our case, twin Yamaha V8 350hp outboards – what the boat can offer in addition to what can be measured in terms of length, beam, performance and speed becomes a fundamental element of analysis. This doesn’t mean that the above-mentioned parameters are not important. However, what constitutes and fills the “boat” container is what ultimately guides the potential owner’s choices.




capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-2The Capelli Tempest 38 is the smallest member of the Luxury family, the most exclusive line built by the Spinadesco-based boatyard that includes other two models ranging from 40 to 44 feet. The boat replicates the overall aesthetic design of the range with sharp lines, a bow that is entirely dedicated to sunbathing, a center consolle, an aft section where the dinette can be converted into a sun pad and an additional relaxation area in the stern.

Made of vacuum infused fiberglass, the hull features a lovely ivory colour while the neoprene-hypalon floats boast the so-called Fabric Impression finish, a sort of surface-printed weave that impacts both the appearance and the tactile sensation: opaque to the sight and velvety to the touch, it guarantees the best non-slip grip even when it’s wet.

Looking at the Tempest 38 berthed at the quay, we were immediately capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-10captured by the two folding loungers (optional, they give a further touch of elegance to a boat whose size and look are worthy of a bigger vessel) positioned between the aft bathing platform and the cockpit. The latter includes a two-seater sofa and an hydraulically-operated dining table that can become an additional 2.5-square-meter sun pad equipped with elegant cushions. While the upholstered backrests, stringers and the fore section of the steering console are pleasantly elegant, the press-studs of cushions are – at least, in my opinion – are a little far from being convenient and user-friendly and might stop passengers from using the underlying lockers with a resulting huge mess in the cabin.

Stowage compartments are almost everywhere. A large locker is, for example, located underneath the aft sofa and accommodates a 140-liter water tank, a sewage tank and the battery pack for systems and engine. The 660-liter fuel tank is hosted in another locker positioned a little forward, always underneath the flooring and covered with grey Flexiteak with mastic-coloured details.

capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-11Furthermore, the boat features a multitude of handles and handrails, positioned wherever a guest can stop during navigation. Even the built-in aft boarding ladder has its own handrail. The aft section is completed by a smart bar cabinet equipped with a sink, a tap, a gas stove and a 65-liter refrigerator.

Positioned amidships, the helmsman station has been positioned to the right of the console in order to leave room for the cabin entrance, on the left. Well-arranged from an ergonomic point of view, it is sheltered by a smoked-coloured windscreen framed by a stainless steel tube that becomes a real handrail on both sides. The flip-up system allows the pilot to steer comfortably both when seating and standing up.capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-13

The Tempest 38 we put on test featured two efficient displays designed to collect and manage all on-board data and information: a Raymarine chartplotter and a Yamaha control panel. The boat also boasted the Yamaha Helm Master, an integrated boat control system that, with the help of a joystick, manages the two Yamaha 350hp outboards: with automated, independent engine trim, speed and angle adjustment, it makes docking and maneuvering the boat easy and effortless.

capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-22This area is efficiently protected by a grey T-Top. Supported by two pairs of stainless steel streamlined tubes, it shades the helm station and functions as a base for the awning that covers the cockpit, operated by two carbon tubes which disappear into their relative slots located in the stern.

The forward area is totally upholstered and equipped with a 4.2-square-meter solarium. The layout is completed by a fiberglass bowsprit with flexiteak finishes which accommodates two loudspeakers, two mooring bitts, a bow roller and an electrical windlass with external buttons hidden in the chain locker.capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-18

Minimal yet complete, interiors are accessible through a dark-plexiglass door located in the console: this is a space that, located close to the sliding hatch, reaches a height of 80 cm and can function as both a dinette and a double berth ( 240 x 160 cm). On the starboard side, a door separates the cabin from the toilet equipped with a wc, a washbasin and a rectangular porthole that, with its particular profile, gives the console a strong, aggressive character.

Sea Trial


capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-21Flat sea and no wind: the conditions we found in the sea of Andora during our sea trial didn’t enable us to test the genuine qualities of the hull. However, the Capelli Tempest 38, powered by twin Yamaha V8 350hp engines, immediately astonished us for her performance, which proved to be worthy of bigger boats. Turns were always stable and safe even when the boat intercepted its own wave. The passage on the waves was soft from any direction: and even when the impact was just, the hull‘s response feeled sturdy and robust, with no unexpected moves or unpleasant shocks. All details about performance are presented in the table below. Noteworthy is the pleasant sensation when at the rudder. Standing-up or sitting, steering the boat is always pleasant and comfortable.

The hull-propellers pair is highly satisfying: the joystick monitors the outboards and makes maneuvering the boat effortless under any circumstances while the electronic throttle remains soft and high-sensitive at all speeds. The top speed is 47 knots. Equally efficient is the hull-engine pair that, when travelling between 15 and 25 knots, guarantees a fuel consumption of just 3 liters per nautical miles.



Traded in Italy by the Italian branch of Yamaha Motor Europe, the Tempest 38 is ancapelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-7 “adult” boat in terms of size, finishes and engine power. An excellent companion to have a day boat trip with friends or enjoy a short, romantic cruise.








Capelli Tempest 38 – Performance

rpm speed (kn) Fuel Consumption (l/h) Fuel Consumption (l/nm)
500 2.50 6.00 2.40
1,000 5.00 12.60 2.52
1,500 7.50 19.60 2.61
2,000 10.00 31.80 3.18
2,500 15.50 45.80 2.95
Economical Cruising Speed 3,000 20.00 59.90 3.00
Cruising Speed 3,500 25.00 76.90 3.08
4,000 29.50 103,20 3.50
4,500 34.00 127.00 3.74
5,000 37.60 152.00 4.04
5,500 42.00 215.00 5.12
Top Speed 6,000 47.00 254.00 5.40

Capelli Tempest 38 – Technical Specifications

LOA 11.97 m
LH 3.54 m
Tube Diameter 0.6 m
Weight 3,400 kg
Accommodation 18
Engines Yamaha
Power 2×350 hp
Maximum Outboard Power 800 hp
Design Category B
Water Tank Capacity 140 l
Fuel Tank Capacity 660 l
Tube Material Orca Neoprene – Hypalon 1670 dtex

 capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-19 capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-8 capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-17 capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-15 capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-20 capelli-tempest-38-yamaha-350_cv-23

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