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Some brands have in their roots the necessary energy reserve to face and pass crises. Fiart Mare is one of them. And we are not only talking about financial reserves (in this case, totally in their possession) but also of the remarkable amount of sea culture, creativity, history and identity which are not an item in the balance sheets but they represent the necessary strengths against crises and a development instrument at good times.

Fiart Mare’s comeback at the Exhibition of Düsseldorf after some years of absence represents an important signal because it happens in a moment where recovery, not only of the German boating, is starting to walk on stronger legs despite troubles, and because it indicates that also Italian companies can join it.

And Fiart, since when it was born in 1960, has been working for this role of main character with continuous aggressive production, product and marketing investments. 

This is how we have interpreted the presence of the Neapolitan brand in Düsseldorf these days. ” We have seen a real interest by shipowners – said Annalaura Di Luggo – This exhibition is proving to be very interesting, more than other European events. We are moving in a rather aggressive way, with a new business policy and a new placement of the dealers network. The base is the present range which is more and more appreciated; moreover, we have some future new elements we will add to the present models”.

In Düsseldorf, Fiart Mare presents its 4Tfour Genius and 33 Seawalker and the project of the new 52-foot boat which will be launched next July.

The version of 4Tfour, commissioned by a Monegasque customer and presented in Düsseldorf, is particular, with a closed hard top (ideal for the Northern European market) and it has been built in an unusual blue-green colour combined to a glass cockpit and Silvertex tapestry. An attention to details, elegance and colours which has always characterised the Neapolitan brand.

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