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Only some days ago, we talked about the new Pershing 5 X, the most important new creation by Ferretti Group, but, on addition to this sporting coupé, the company has announced the arrival of two new fly boats, a 45-foot boat and a 85-foot one.

The first one, called Ferretti 450, is a “small” boat arriving next July, which hopes to repeat the success registered by Ferretti 550, launched six months ago and already sold in 8 samples. Among news announced by the group management, represented by Alberto Galassi, Chief Executive Officer, and Stefano de Vivo, Chief Commercial Executive, there is also a “back-to-basics” approach in terms of construction process because it will return to be managed by the brand itself.

2_FY450_bow viewFY450_master cabinFY450_living

The second model, called Ferretti 850, is a bigger boat which marks the Ferretti’s comeback to 80′ and 90′ boats planning. Despite the size (77 tons at full load), design is elegant and contemporary with many possibilities of customisation as regards interiors. The basic layout has 4 cabins ( and 2 crew cabins) and 4 bathrooms, with a big astern master-cabin exploiting all the available 6,3 metres of the main beam. The fore pilot house can be entirely immersed and it is an evolution of the previous Dual Mode System. The possible engines are two: a 1800 hp Man engine or a 1900 ho Man engine, with a cruising speed of 26 and 27 knots, respectively.

Ferretti Yachts 850 bow viewFerretti Yachts 850_salon_3Ferretti Yachts 850_master cabin_2

Ferretti 450
Overall length: ISO 8666 14.20 m
Construction Length: ISO 8666 13.29 m
Waterline Length (full load) : 11.39 m
Max Width: 4.34 m
Displacement  at wet and unloaded boat: 14.00 tons
Displacement at full load 17.30 ton
Propeller immersion (full load) 1.25 m
Type of hull: variable geometry with 16,8° deadrise and support strakes
Fuel Tank: 1400 l
Water Tank:  600 l
Max people:  12
CE Category: 2003/44 B
Standard 2 x CUMMINS QSB 6.7 425 mhp / 312 kW a 3000 rev/min
Optional 2 x CUMMINS QSB 6.7 480 mhp / 353 kW a 3300 rev/min
Max speed (CUMMINS 425) 30 knots
Cruising speed (CUMMINS 425) 25 knots
Max speed (CUMMINS 480) 31.5 knots
Cruising speed (CUMMINS 480) 27 knots
Max speed (CUMMINS 425) 220 m.n.
Cruising speed (CUMMINS 425) 260 m.n.
Max speed (CUMMINS 480) 200 m.n.
Cruising speed (CUMMINS 480) 280 m.n.

Ferretti 850
Overall Length: 26.00 m
Construction Length: 23.98 m
Waterline Length (full load): 21.59 m
Max Width: 6.28 m
Displacement  at wet and unloaded boat: 67.50 tons
Displacement at full load: 77.49 tons
Propeller Immersion (at full load): 2.00 m
Type of hull: variable geometry with 13,8° deadrise and support strakes
Fuel Tank: 6750 l
Water Tank :1320 l
Max people: 20
CE Category:  2003/44 A
Standard 2 x MAN V 12 1800 mhp / 1324 kW 2300 rev/min std
Optional 2 x MAN V 12 1900 mhp / 1397 kW 2300 rev/min opt
Max speed (MAN 1800) 29 knots
Cruising speed (MAN 1800) 26 knots
Max speed (MAN 1900) 31 knots
Cruising speed (MAN 1900) 27 knots
Max speed (MAN 1800) 285 m.n.
Cruising speed (MAN 1800) 310 m.n.
Max speed (MAN 1900) 280 m.n.
Cruising speed (MAN 1900) 305 m.n.

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