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Troostwijk auctions two boats for the next 15 days

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What happens when a yacht owner can’t afford to pay it? Generally, the boat is auctioned at a very low price to the delight of new buyers.

The Europe’s largest and most highly respected online industrial auctioneers is Troostwijk, which boasts a 90-year experience. Almost a century of history and great changes,  where the platform has increasingly become popular thanks to the Internet and ongoing focus on the web.

Yachting is one among the various sectors which Troostwijk deals with and where auctioned products appear very frequently. Recently, an important leasing society has used the platform to auction two interesting boats at very low prices.

The International Yachting Media is pleased to give you the full details of the lots that are currently under the hammer. You can access all information through the links below. The quality of these boats is guaranteed by their respective brands; however, they could require a few refitting interventions. After all, it’s a good compromise!

Does one of these auction lots include your dream boat? You can make our bid within the next 15 days ( auction expires at 15:00, on November 23).

Jeanneau Prestige 42S: current price € 108,00.00. Direct link to the online auction

jeanneau prestige 42 troostwijk

The first lot concerns a beautiful Jeanneau Prestige 42S. Her conditions are described in detail in the technical file that is available for download within the ad. The file contains all technical specifications and 44 pictures proving the real conditions of this powerboat. All terms and conditions are specified on the website along with various contacts.

jeanneau prestige 42S interni

Cantieri baglietto La Spina: current price € 480,000.00. Direct link to the online auction.

La Spina Cantieri Baglietto Trootswijk

The second lot concerns an extraordinary, historic, highly-elegant sailboat. Built in Italy in 1929, it was the first 12-meter sailboat never built. It is no coincidence that its FIV sailing number is number 1.

In this case, too, boat conditions are illustrated in a technical file along with technical details and 49 pictures. Entirely made of wood and with an attractive vintage charm, she winks at sailing enthusiasts.

la spina cantieri baglietto interni

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