The International Yachting Magazine: a free App for the most popular yachting magazine

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The new version of The International Yachting Media is now available from an App

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Innovation and technological development never stop for the world’s most widely read yachting magazine.

It’s only been three months since The International Yachting Media Digest, the first multimedia yachting magazine, was launched and another great novelty has already come.

Tuttobarche App homeStarting from today, The International Yachting Media is available, as usual for free, also in the form of an App under the name of “Tuttobarche”.

The new editorial product is designed to be ever closer to our readers that, in native mode, can therefore read the magazine, consult the latest news and draw on the enormous information archive that characterizes our media system.

But there’s more.

With one single App, in fact, you can have direct access to the contents of The International Yachting Media, leaf through the issues of The International Yachting Media Digest and watch the video of our archive.

The menu is simple and user-friendly. Readers can read the latest news or click on one of the menu entries to select the subject they’re interested in or read a sea trial.

In addition to being simple, the App of The International Yachting Media is also very fast.

The application, indeed, Tuttobarche App articlesallows you to upload the contents at the speed of light. The articles, converted into native language, will not consume the “gigabytes” of your smartphone subscriptions while returning images of an incomparable quality.

Equally convenient is the function that allows you to zoom in and out the text in order to read without never tiring your eyes. Designed to be consulted from your mobile phone, the magazine adapts to any display, from the smallest to the largest.

Moreover, the search function allows the reader to have access to a virtually unlimited amount of information, simply by typing the word that represents what he wants to find.

An example? Try typing the word “bowline knot” and you will see how many results …


Tuttobarche App videoIn short, it’s a universe of information that, easily accessible from your smartphone or tablet, will accompany your readings in your moments of relaxation or when needed.

How much does it cost? Nothing, because the most beautiful emotions cannot be purchased.

Download the IOS version

Download the Android version



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