Magazzù MX-11
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Magazzù MX-11  

If you are looking for an elegant sporty Maxi Rib which is also able to retain its value over time, you certainly cannot help but think of a Magazzù. Undoubtedly recognized among the best big-sized RIBs in the world, they are endowed with a charm that makes them a true “object of desire”.

The Magazzù MX – 11, the entry-level model of the Maxi Rib segment, is one among Magazzù’s most iconic products, offered in both Spider and Coupe version.

Magazzù MX-11 aerial view

Featuring fascinating unique lines, this RIB has been chosen over the years by many celebrities and wealthy customers. In particular, among the various used models available on the market, we have found one whose name, Vita Smeralda, immediately suggests who was the owner. The name could not have been more appropriate, given that the Emerald Coast is one of the “natural habitats” of Magazzù boats.

Buying a Magazzù, even a used one, means owning an exclusive product and joining a very small and privileged owners club.

The price of used models depends on the year of construction, the engine options and, above all, the accessories available on board and can range between 70,000 AD 200,000 euros.

The Magazzù MX-11

Magazzù MX-11 Jerry CalàBoth versions of the Magazzù MX-11 are equipped with two large sundecks. More specifically, the aft one is equipped with a large double sun pad and a luxury open-space salon, where the guests can benefit from the protection offered by the awning or, if available, by the T-Top that extends over the central console. The fore sundeck, instead, has a classic configuration and, in the Coupe model, exploits the whole cabin deck in order to obtain a truly huge surface.

The central section of the cockpit houses a wet bar just behind the center console, a removable dining table and a C-shaped sofa next to the aft sundeck.

The Magazzù MX-11 Magazzù MX-11 interiorsCoupé combines a fascinating design with large living spaces below deck, where there is a comfortable cabin with separate bathroom.

The stern section houses a true beach area, where the platform and the sun pad create an elegant point where the contact with the sea is instant.

Another strength of this Maxi Rib which deserves to be mentioned is the attention that the shipyard has paid to both details and construction materials which, of indisputable quality, promise to be durable, thus keeping the value of the maxi Rib high over the years. Our recommendation is to carefully evaluate the condition and wear of the deck which is almost always made of teak.


Magazzù MX - 11 Spider
Magazzù MX – 11 Spider

The MX-11 Coupé is offered in both sterndrive and outboard version even if, browsing the various ads, we haven’t found any model fitted with the second option.

This is the result of a precise choice of the owners that, in line with the overall elegance of the boat, have preferred to keep the lines clean and the noise low without sacrificing the beach area.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that the two sterndrive engines installed in the MX-11 can be both petrol and diesel and that, over the years, have changed by brand and power. In fact, Magazzù has always given a lot of freedom of choice and customization to its customers.

The presence of a diesel option is an element that certainly determines both the value of the Maxi Rib over time and, of course, its ability to be fuel-efficient. However, if your engine hours are few and you do not plan to make long cruises, then the petrol engine remains an excellent option.

Prices and market valuations

The MX-11 was launched in 2006 and, over the years, has undergone several updates and restylings, all aimed at maximizing the purity of its lines which, to date, remain among the most attractive in the world panorama of Maxi Ribs.

But if you think that the Magazzù are just speed and charm, you are wrong. The shipyard, in fact, was among the first to study and use the stepped hulls for its boats which have always been synonymous with great seaworthiness. A capacity that we have recently found during our 100-mile Magazzù MX-11 sea trial.

To buy a used Magazzù, state of wear and engine hours aside, means to choose a well-built boat whose fascinating and timeless lines will certainly not be able to age over the years.

You only have to choose the version, the engine option and the accessories you prefer ( some MX-11 Coupè are even equipped with air conditioning).

Today, the market offers the following prices:

Portal Year Price(€) Position Version Propulsion
Mondial Broker 2014 139,000 Italy Spider
Diesel – MERCRUISER TDI 2×260
Tuttobarche 2019 200,000 Italy Coupè
Petrol – Volvo Penta V8 2×380
Tuttobarche 2011 130,000 Italy Coupè
Diesel – Cummins 2×320
Inautia 2007 87,000 Spain(Ibiza) Coupè Petrol 2×320
Youboat 2007 65,000 Italy Spider

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Magazzù MX – 11 Technical Specs

L.O. A 11.00 m
L.H. 9.90 m
Max Beam 3.80 m
Water 360 l
Fuel 2 x370 l
N° Pax 18
Engines max 900 hp
Speed up to 60 kn
Sterndrive or outboard
Homologation CE – B cat.

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