Vandutch 32
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In the wonderful setting of Torre San Marco, the Vandutch 32 – an iconic boat, almost an artwork- was presented to the most authoritative nautical press. The location was ideal because, in the waters of Lake Garda surrounding Torre San Marco, formerly owned by Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, the anti-submarine motorboat (M.A.S.) was moored for a long time, whose name, in the mouth of the Vate, became “Memento Audere Semper“. Daring, always daring, and this Vandutch 32 knows it well, even if she were exhibited at the Pompidou in Paris or at Modern Art in New York.

The lines, distributed along a length of 9.81 meters and a width of almost 3 meters, are sleek and reminiscent of those boats that, with just a few pencil strokes, manage to express incomparable charm and class, enhanced by superior performance. The Vandutch 32 is powered by a Volvo V8 430-CE petrol engine but options include twin Volvo 2.8 6-cylinder diesel engines, a Volvo D6-380/DPI diesel and two Volvo D4-300/DPI diesel engines. The cockpit is equipped with a 12-inch display but the owner can also opt for a larger 16-inch one, always compatible with Garmin electronics. The deck and hull are in vacuum-infused vinylester resin. At the helm, the refined Silvertex upholstery, a material that ensures quick drying, and in the service area there is a lovely ceramic sink.

Looking at her is looking at the whole, because the allure of this boat blends with the context as if it were a protagonist, but without displaying any selfish narcissism.

Vandutch 32: penetrating beauty

More than the Vandutch-32-Fabio-Planamenteand-Gigi-Servidativanishing lines, it is the geometric form that stands out in this luxury boat, whose physicality is summed up in a syncretism of sober colours, from beige to golden sand, which are truly perfect for portraying a slender absoluteness stretching out over the water, where the boat merges as if it were an integral part of it, becoming an exclusive element that joins it with mature style.

When trying to describe it, the boat almost arouses circumspection and respect: “any adjective is not worth the emotion and effectiveness of seeing it in the water”.

Gigi Servidati and Fabio Planamente (Chairman and CEO of Cantieri del Pardo respectively) softly described the boat during the press conference: “it is a very special object because it is built with very fine materials. We have worked hard on the weights, which are limited to just 3,000 and 400 kilos, giving the boat great performance…”.

Beauty, however, is not just a matter of details: it is fleeting and thrives on the instant that changes with the speed. So the Vandutch 32 responds to the canons of beauty by distorting them, and creates its own idea of aesthetics which has attracted owners to whom “all production for next year has already been sold”.

As far as distribution is concerned, the enfant prodige Vandutch, recently absorbed by the Italian Cantiere del Pardo, has decided to “go beyond the normal distribution channels, so the project is ambitious and has three perfect locations for this type of boat. We are opening Vandutch Centres in Miami, Saint Tropez and the Balearics, a fairly new concept in the nautical world.

These are mono-brands where the customer is pampered, revered and looked after in all aspects, from the purchase of the boat to management, requirements and services, which are really important for an object of this kind. In Saint Tropez we will also have something new, a location right inside the Old Port”.

There is amazement around the Vandutch 32. And Lake Garda has welcomed another secret that has now been told.

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