Velar 78
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Velar 78 stems from the successful partnership between Evo Yachts and designer Valerio Rivellini  

Never change a winning combination. And all odds are in favour of this project destined to leave its mark in the shipbuilding sector. Once again, the innovative attitude of Evo Yachts meets the talent of Valerio Rivellini who, last December, introduced the drawing of a 70-foot motor yachts with the same features as a sailboat.

Velar-78-draftThe absolutely revolutionary concept fully persuaded the Blue Emme Yachts-owned brand which therefore decided to develop the idea of the Italian designer, transforming what Mr. Rivellini had called Velar 70 into the Velar 78, a model much more in line with Evo Yachts’ design phylosophy.

The Velar 78 is anticipated  as a 24-meter motor-powered boat with minimal and elegant design, suitable for slow “thoughtful” navigation. Her main features lies in the impossibility to classify her since she represents a junction point between the main strengths of a motor yachts and the potential of a sailing boat. An unprecedented mixture that goes further beyond any pre-established pattern.

While the two steering wheels give the owner the feeling of steering a sailboat, the helm station, equipped with joystick drive and therefore perfect to perfom the most difficult manoeuvres in total safety within a covered space, is a typical feature of a motorboat. Unlike traditional motor yachts, however, the wheel house consists of large folding windows that make the boat an authentic open yacht with T-top.

The Velar 78 is therefore a boat designed for anyone wishing to travel in a completely new yet traditional way, without never sacrificing fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Velar 78, the latest chapter in a long four-handed success story

Designer Valerio Rivellini

This impactful model is just the latest achievement of Evo Yachts and Rivellini, whose partnership has resulted into many successful boats, such as the award-winning Evo R4, Evo R6 and Evo T2.

” After the great success of the R4 and R6, we wanted to enlarge our range with a new series of boat that could be up to our reputation as innovatorssay the Mercuri brothers, owners of Blu Emme YachtsWhen we saw the drawing of the Velar by Valerio Rivellini, our reference designer for a long time, we realized that it was exactly what we were looking for: the Velar is original, smart and transversal but, at the same time, it is a boat that a shipyard can build only according to specific consolidated processes. With Valerio we understood each other in a moment and that connection resulted into the creation of the new Velar 78, the first model of a new range of boats“.

Construction has just begun and will end in early 2021, when the Velar 78 will touch the water for the first time with the aim of showing everyone around the world that a motor boat does not necessarily exclude a sailboat, and vice versa. If it is an idea, it is innovative, everything is possible.

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