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Extreme test for VennVind, nautical and sailing clothing

Water, sun and Vennvind Giraglia Rolexwind: these are the meteorological factors that usually strain technical clothing when sailing. Elements that were not missed during the special test we carried out on the sailing jackets and technical trousers made by VennVind, a brand that, maybe still little known, proved to be of a really high quality.

The test bench for VennVind items was the 2019 Rolex Giraglia. A windy special edition of the famous sailing race during which the crew of our Daydreamer wore these clothes for the 500 miles of day and night navigation they covered during both the race and their transfers.

VennVind light sailing jackets

The VennVind short sailing jacket
VennVind short sailing jacket
VennVind long sailing jacket
The VennVind long sailing jacket

We tested two models of sailing jackets: the short version, that is also the lighter one which reaches to the waistline, and the long version that, warmer, reaches to the hips. The latter is also equipped with a double closing zipper on the breast and a semi-rigid visor-equipped hood.

Both models are considered as light sailing jackets and therefore theoretically designed for coastal races and recreational activities where weather conditions are not supposed to be too harsh. This is why, for our adventure, we had also brought some heavier jackets in forecast of possible harsher weather conditions that, of course, we encountered but that, with great surprise, we had the possibility to face without difficulty thanks to VennVind jackets.

Our jackets did a good job for all the duration of the race, both during the first stage when we sailed close to the wind in a 30-knot mistral, and the following downwind navigation characterized by a very rough sea and 3-/4-meter waves that, sometimes, crashed against out cockpit.

VennVind Daydreamer TeamOur jackets resisted very well the repeated water sprays that attacked our Daydreamer and they enabled us to stay perfectly dry for all the duration of the race.

In short, a good protection against the water columns you can encounter during a coastal race or a long Mediterranean competition, unless you are totally submerged by the waves.

VennVind short jacketUnder the above-mentionedVennVind, long jacket conditions, we particularly appreciated the closing strap on the waistline of the short jacket that tightens the lower part as well as the foldaway hood that protects the head without compromising the overall appearance of a very beautiful cloth that can be worn even for your nights out.

VennVind jackets proved to be excellent also in terms of temperature control. The materials which they are made of and the small vent holes under the armpits (the point that is most exposed to the creation of heat) ensured the ideal transpiration both in our static moments and the most demanding maneuvers under the sun rays.

A clear proof of that comes from the fact that the crew that had received the jackets as a part of their on-board equipment never take them off. The only time when we didn’t need to put our jacket on during the race occurred during an air “bubble” that forced us to slow down before getting Giraglia; a boundary condition where even a t-shirt would have been unnecessary.

The long version VennVind, pocketof the jacket proved to be the most efficient one at night; with a single layer of thermal fleece on, we kept warm. The credit of this cold resistance goes to the front double closing zipper that creates an excellent thermal protection, avoiding the heat from being dispersed.

Moreover, the jackets are full of pockets and functional accessories, very useful for sailors. We pleasantly tested the removable smartphone pocket applied to the sleeve through a strap. Thanks to a transparent film, it does not compromise the touch operation of your smartphone and allows you to use your device with a specific navigation App, keeping it always at your fingertips.

VennVind trousers test

VennVind shortsLike jackets, VennVind trousers, too, proved to be really technical and of the highest quality. We tested both the short and the long model.

Elastic, soft, light and easy to dry, shorts were appreciated by most of us, even under the harshest day weather conditions. These characteristics, in fact, allowed the shorts to dry quickly with a clear advantage in terms of mobility.

Me, for example, I wore a pair of shorts for almost all the 500 miles of navigation. During the first stage, they immediately got wet but, after drying, their softness remained unchanged and, since I had not the chance to wash them, I appreciated them very much for this reason.

Both models,VennVind sailing jackets made of the same material, have many pockets and, more specifically, the front ones are equipped with a safe heat-sealed closing.

Special reinforcements have been applied in the critical points, such as in the part where you sit on, which makes them a perfect model when used on decks with irregular surfaces.

The long version is perfect to be matched with a first technical layer and, at night, it has remarkable technical performances that never compromise agility that, on board and in regatta, is a really important factor.


VennVind light jacketThe Daydreamer’s crew appreciated these clothes very much since they proved to be comfortable, functional and technical. In short, they fully met the needs of each one of us, from the helmsman to the bowman who had the chance to experience firsthand how water resistance and transpiration capacity – both with wr 15.000 certification – are excellent.

Moreover, the value for money of these clothes is good. The short jacket is offered for sale for 219 euros while the long one costs 235 euros. It’s a really good price if you consider the technical characteristics and the amount of accessories they offer.

Moreover, the jackets were worn and highly appreciated Close-UP-VennVindfor their sporty design and trendy details even during the evening outings. Our crew, in fact, preferred and used them at the night parties of the event that took place in Saint Tropez and Monaco. Prestigious locations where these jackets perfectly matched the glamorous context.

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