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A new, important accolade for Victory Design, the gozzo apreamaresparkling engineering and design studio guided by Brunello Acampora.

In a recent ranking by the authoritative English magazine “The Superyacht Life“, five boats have been selected as the best dayboats currently in production. We’re talking about luxurious, elegant, particular yachts, perfect for a luxury day outing or even to be used as “supertenders” for the numerous mega yachts that are commonly found in the world’s most beautiful spots.

This prestigious, special ranking includes two boats which bear the signature of the famous, increasingly popular Italian studio.

Victory Design Brunello AcamporaThe new Gozzo – the boat which, built by Apreamare, was the queen of the main Europe’s fall boat shows (Cannes Yachting Festival, Genoa Boat Show and Monaco Yacht Show) – is among the boats selected for this list of the best dayboats in circulation, particularly praised for her “enviable silhouette“.

Below deck, a spacious living area means those on board wont’ need to race home before dark, although at speeds of up to 28 knots, the journey home wouldn’t take too long“, writes Dominique Afacan, author of the article and international luxury expert.

The all-carbon fiber Anvera 55 is the Anvera 55second Italian masterpiece included in the prestigious list. Capable of feeling comfortable both when flying at 46 knots and when at anchor, thanks to her “foiling wings”, she offers a roomy, impressive beach blub.

The perfect setting for a cocktail or a dinner party, the Anvera 55 guarantees the best comfort standards for luxury outings at sea.

I’m proud of this result”, says Brunello Acampora on the phone

Anvera 55 Seeing two boats of ours in this prestigious selection makes us feel highly satisfied. We designed the whole original concept of the Anvera 55, including the hull and the side terraces. Joint with the ability of the award-winning Luca Ferrari, our efforts have resulted into a stunning maxi rib.

The new Gozzo by Apreamare, a boatyard which we have been cooperating with for over 10 years, is the latest creation by Victory Design. Developed with the precious collaboration of Cataldo Aprea, she is more and more successful”.

Apparently very different from each other, the two boats have a feature in common: both are capable of being elegantly different from all the other boats and this is a highly distinctive hallmark of Victory Design’s creations.

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