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Virtual Boat Show: the virtual modern yachting show

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Virtual Boat Show : the world’s top boat manufacturers are in The International Yachting Media’s Virtual Boat Show

The brand-new Virtual Boat Show by The virtual-boat-show-motor-yachts-shipyardsInternational Yachting Media is finally on line. The new digital “creature” is an advanced aggregator of multimedia content that goes definitively beyond what you’re used to see.

The Virtual Boat Show, in fact, is an authentic virtual boat show where all owners have the possibility to go searching for their favourite boat and not only, as we will explain you in the following lines.

Through a quick and intuitive navigation and inside an elegant and extraordinarily interactive container, the user can access to lots of information, many of which in absolute preview, coming from 5 different international magazines and related to the various models on display.

virtual-boat-show-grand-soleil-pageStarting from the homepage, the user can reach the selected shipyard’s page and find all the boats he is interested in, illustrated in a clear and exhaustive way through articles that tell about sea trials, virtual tours that allow the user to explore the boat and better understand its features, spectacular videos, suggestive pics, boat data sheets, links that drive to the official Instagram pages of the shipyards, and the convenient “contact function to ask for additional information in a reserved, direct and exclusive way.

In short, our virtual boat show offers not only the opportunity to admire yachts in all their beauty, but also gives the possibility to analyze them through a wide range of multimedia channels.

The Virtual Boat Show is divided into 6 sections, all worth exploring

The Virtual Boat Show is made up of six large sections:  Motor boatsMaxi RibSailing yachtsCatamarans, Inflatable boat and Boat Supplies. The latter is scheduled to be launched in the next few weeks and will include not only many important producers of boating accessories but also the most prestigious and equipped marinas that provide assistance services throughout the year.

Furthermore, this full virtual-boat-show-tiym-digest-digital immersion experience offers the opportunity to read the amazing sailboat, superyacht and Maxi Rib reviews published on The International Yachting Media Digest, as proof of the significant interconnection between the Virtual Boat Show and our browsable quarterly digital magazine.

While potential owners can discover, with a simple click, all the models they are looking for even before going to visit them physically, those who already have a yacht can compare it with the one of his desires or choose the ideal supply for his boat. The International Yachting Media’s Virtual Boat Show therefore represents an innovative form of communication, based on a 360-degree multimedia approach.

Thanks to our Virtual Boat Show, the reader can non only visit the boat he’s interested in virtually but, above all, can collect complete and exhaustive information, browsing between sea trials, technical details, videos and virtual tours – says Luca D’Ambrosio, founder of The International Yachting MediaIt’s an innovative tool that will certainly help the owners to find their dream boat, providing a direct, reserved and privileged contact with the shipyard selected with just a simple click”.

The verb “to navigate” has never bee so appropriate. And you, are you ready to navigate on your dream boat?



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