Volvo Penta Easy Connect
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Developed by Volvo Penta, Easy Connect is a free app which gives boat owners instant access to boat, engine, route and itinerary data directly on their smartphone or tablet.

Presented at last Boot Dusseldorf, the app has a simple dashboard-style layout that can be personalized to each customer’s requirements. Boating data are indeed presented in two different modes: “Captain View”  when connected onboard, and “Home View“, accessing stored data.Volvo Penta Easy Connect

The first mode is capable of displaying in the user’s smartphone or tablet all the information provided by the boat, such as engine speed, engine temperature, fuel tank level, battery status, consumption levels and navigation data. This way, the App enables the user to have all the information hw needs in the palm of his hand without having to take a constant look at the dashboard or the instrument panel.

On the other side, the Home View mode enables the user to access information, such as fuel levels, engine operation hours and the itinerary of the last cruise directly from the comfort of his own home, for example. The App also retains the whole route history, allowing the boat owner to relive his experiences from when he last connected to the boat.

The function can be also shared with friends or larger groups through social media just as people show their family and friends memories of their favourite holidays and experiences on land.

Easy Connect also simplifies service and assistance. If they need help with troubleshooting, boat owners can, in fact, use the app to send information to Volvo Penta’s dealers, helping to solve the problem quickly and conveniently.

Easy Connect is compatible with all EVC (Electronic Vessel Control)-equipped diesel or gasoline engines in single or twin installations. It is also compatible with non-EVC gasoline single installations from the model year 2006 and onwards.

” As well offering an excellent interface for users of newer boats – stated Marcus Pettersson, Project Manager of Volvo Penta – we wanted to create something that would be an affordable way to modernize older boats and offer users all the advantages that a digital platform can offer. The owners of older boats can now turn their smartphone or tablet devices into a real portable dashboard”.

The Easy Connect app is currently available for smartphones and tablets via iOS 10 or later version and will be launched for Android devices during 2018.



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